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Jennifer Kanari: Mellow Voiced Lady Behind Safaricom “The person you are calling cannot be reached…”

Do you ever find yourself wondering about the captivating voice that accompanies your Safaricom experience?

The voice that effortlessly tells you “The person you are calling cannot be reached. If you wish to leave a voice message, please do so after the tone.”

The woman behind this voice is Jennifer Kanari, a professional voice over talent and coach with about 20 years of experience.

She has captured the hearts of millions, by guiding them through menus and connecting them to the services they need.

Here is her story as told by WoK.

A Journey of Discovery and Passion

Born and raised in Kenya, Jennifer Kanari discovered her innate gift for communication and storytelling at an early age.

As she grew, her passion for the power of words deepened, recognizing their ability to evoke emotions and forge connections.

Encounter with Safaricom

In the realm of voice acting, Jennifer’s exceptional talent couldn’t go unnoticed. 

In 2009, Safaricom approached Jennifer to become the guiding voice behind their automated messages. And so, a partnership that would leave an indelible mark on the company and Jennifer began.

She is also the voice behind Kenya Power: “Welcome to the Kenya Power Stima Plaza.” 

Impressive Voice Over Portfolio

Jennifer Kanari has been actively involved in the voice-over industry since 2001. With her professional expertise and versatile skills, she has worked on numerous projects spanning various mediums.

From recording commercials to eLearning projects, video games to board game characters, IVRs to on hold messages, Jennifer has showcased her exceptional talent and delivered outstanding results. 

Her impressive client list includes renowned organizations such as USAID, The Rockefeller Foundation, Nivea Beiersdorf, World Vision, GSMA, Room3film, and Mastercard.

Notably, she has even lent her voice to the BAFTA-nominated video game, The Forgotten City, among others.

Jennifer’s ability to perform in English and Swahili, and even provide performances with French or German accented English, adds to her versatility as a voice talent.

Empowering Others Through Communication

Jennifer’s passion for communication isn’t confined to her own success.

As a compassionate and empowering communications coach, she generously shares her expertise with individuals and organizations, guiding them towards effective public speaking, voice modulation, and storytelling skills.

Through her workshops and coaching sessions, she ignites the spark of confidence and clarity in countless lives, leaving a lasting impact on personal and professional growth.

Making a Difference

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Jennifer actively supports charitable organizations dedicated to education and empowerment.

Her platform becomes a catalyst for positive change as she utilizes her voice and influence to uplift and transform the lives of others.

Through her philanthropic efforts, she exemplifies the belief that true success lies in making a difference in the lives of those in need.

Where is she Now?

If you’re curious about the current whereabouts of Jennifer Kanari, you’ll be pleased to know that she is currently serving as the Administrator for The Voice Actors League of Kenya.

In this role, she plays a vital part in supporting and nurturing the voice acting community in Kenya.

Jennifer’s dedication to the industry and her passion for her craft make her an invaluable asset in the voice-over world.

Humility and Dedication

Amidst her meteoric rise and accolades, Jennifer remains a humble and grounded individual.

Her unwavering dedication to honing her craft and seeking new opportunities for growth sets her apart as a true professional and an inspiration to all who aspire to greatness.

Jennifer’s commitment to her work and the profound impact she has on others embody the essence of her character.

How Can You Connect with Jennifer Kanari?

To connect with Jennifer Kanari and explore the possibilities of collaborating on your voice-over project, you can reach out to her through various channels.

One way to contact her is through email at sakalafrica@gmail.com. Jennifer welcomes the opportunity to discuss your requirements and bring your project to life with her exceptional voice talent. Additionally, you can also find her on Instagram under the handle @jenniferkanari.