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Shaffie Weru: The Real Reason Why I Was Fired At Homeboyz Radio

In the world of Kenyan radio, Shaffie Weru’s name is synonymous with charisma, controversy, and candid commentary.

The celebrated radio king has seen it all – from the pinnacle of his career to a sudden and highly publicized fall from grace. But behind the headlines and sensational stories lies a journey of redemption and self-discovery.

Shaffie Weru’s journey in the media industry began like that of many aspiring radio hosts – with a dream and a passion for entertaining.

He started his career at a relatively young age, fueled by an unwavering determination to make his mark on the airwaves.

His distinctive voice, coupled with an innate ability to connect with listeners, quickly catapulted him to stardom.

In the early years of his career, Shaffie embraced the hustle and grind that came with the territory.

He worked tirelessly, honing his craft and building a loyal fan base.

His rise to fame was characterized by his unique blend of humor, charm, and fearless opinions.

Shaffie became a household name, and radio enthusiasts eagerly tuned in to hear his take on the latest trends, gossip, and societal issues.

As Shaffie’s popularity grew, so did his notoriety for stirring up controversy.

He didn’t shy away from tackling sensitive topics or sharing candid opinions, even if they ruffled a few feathers.

This fearless approach endeared him to some while drawing the ire of others.

Love him or hate him, there was no denying that Shaffie Weru was a force to be reckoned with in the radio industry.

However, it was this very fearlessness that would eventually lead to the downfall that would rock the radio landscape.

In March of a particular year, Shaffie, along with radio presenter Neville and DJ Joe Mfalme, found himself at the center of a storm.

Insensitive remarks made by the trio triggered a firestorm of criticism and backlash, and the fallout was swift and severe.

Shaffie’s firing from Radio Africa-owned radio station Homeboyz Radio made headlines across Kenya.

Many assumed that his outspoken nature and blunt commentary had finally caught up with him.

But as Shaffie revealed that there was more to the story than met the eye.

“The reason I was fired you need to understand was never about the tweets or the people, it was about the companies that were spending money on me because I was a very big presenter. Their customers were the ones attacking me, so they also started attacking the companies,” Shaffie explained during an Interview with Nairobi News.

These companies faced backlash from their customers due to the controversy surrounding Shaffie, and they began attacking him as a result.

“It actually happened two days after I got back on radio. I had not been on mainstream radio for like a year and a half, since 2020. Now in 2021 when I got back and did the breakfast show with DJ Joe Mfalme and Neville, that’s when I got fired,” said Shaffie.

The aftermath of his firing was a tumultuous period in Shaffie’s life.

“It has never happened to me before and it honestly destabilized me because you know we got fired like at midnight on Twitter. I was just chilling when I was told that this is what’s going down. I didn’t see it coming because by the time I had left, I was only suspended and I knew it would die down, but it was bigger than that,” he revealed.

Despite the challenges and setbacks, Shaffie Weru refused to be defined by his past. He embarked on a journey of redemption and self-discovery.

With the unwavering support of his friends and family, he slowly began to rebuild his life.

Shaffie acknowledges his regrets about not being more informed and sensitive to the context during the controversy.

He insists that he had no ill intentions and wishes he could have handled the situation differently.

His authenticity shines through as he reflects on his journey, emphasizing his passion for connecting with people and his inability to hold back his opinions.

In a surprising turn of events, Shaffie revealed that he and his former employer, Radio Africa Group, have reconciled to some extent.

Collaborations between Shaffie’s current venture and Radio Africa Group have taken place, signaling a thawing of relations.

However, the legal battle related to the termination of Shaffie’s contract is still ongoing.

The court case remains unresolved, with Shaffie entrusting his lawyers to handle the matter.