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Kalembe Ndile Biography, Age, Career, Education And Death

Kalembe Ndile was born on 16th April 1964. He is a former Kibwezi West MP and cabinet minister in the grand coalition government. The politician death was announced today by his family after battling a long illness. His body has since been moved to Lee Funeral home.


By the time of his death, the politician was 57 years old.


‘Mwana wa squatter’, as the ex-MP was known, journey started when he clinched the Kibwezi parliamentary seat on a National Rainbow Coalition ticket from 2002 → 2007. The vocal MP went on to serve as Assistant Minister for Tourism & Wildlife. His political light was dimmed when he lost the election in the 2013 general elections. In parliament, Ndile spoke 28 times. Before his entry into the world of politics, Kalembe was an office messenger between 1984-1988.

He went on to work as the chairman of Makueni County Council between 1997-99 and also doubled as catholic parish treasure (1996-2002). He was a councillor program officer between 1997-2002 before being appointed as an executive director of  Nguluwa Ngao Centre for Human Rights.

Ndile was also the Chairman of The Independent Party (TIP) and Vice-Secretary for the Centre for Multi-Party Democracy (CMD).

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The ex-MP was against the constitutional requirement that those seeking political office should have atleast a degree saying that leadership was God-given.

“We went wrong when we used education as a yard stick to determine which people should hold which offices…..”

“It is paramount to note that leadership is a gift and cannot be learned in school because there are several well-educated leaders in political offices but there conduct is questionable.”

The legislator was pursuing further education in a bid to run for a higher office.


In 2019, Kalembe denied reports appearing on a section of the blogosphere claiming that he had passed on. He went on to state the he was healthy and full of life:

“To those spreading rumors that I was sick and admitted at Nairobi hospital, I don’t know Kenyatta hospital and that I died, those praying bad things to happen to me should know that God is the giver of life….” 

“I’m very much okay and healthy, those spreading fake news should stop taking the position of God,” 

His family made an announcement that the former legislator had died at the Nairobi Hospital.

May his soul rest in peace and his family find peace from whownskenya team.