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Kamande wa Kioi: Kikuyu Musician Who Left A Lucrative Police Career For Matatu Job

In the world of music, there are countless stories of artists who have risen to fame from humble beginnings, but perhaps none are as unique as that of Kikuyu singer Kamande wa Kioi.

Kamande wa Kioi, born as the seventh child in a family of nine in Kambiti, Murang’a, Kenya, had a knack for music from a young age.

He possessed a talent for playing the guitar and a budding singing career, which he pursued with  determination.

However, his path to success was far from conventional.

In a recent interview on Kameme FM, Kamande shared his incredible journey.

It all began when he fled with his school fees and embarked on a venture into the hotel business, all without his family’s knowledge.

Unfortunately, his dreams of entrepreneurship were shattered when his business fell victim to a devastating fire.

Undeterred by this setback, he returned to his village and began entertaining people at a small fee, all while keeping his musical aspirations alive.

Kamande’s life took a remarkable turn when a police band visited his area.

Recognizing a unique opportunity, he seized the moment and joined the force, all without his parents’ knowledge.

In a matter of months, he found himself posted to the Dog Section in Nyeri and became a member of the police band.

His life had transformed drastically, and he was now living the life of a police officer.

However, Kamande’s newfound career did not come without its own set of challenges.

When he returned to his village dressed in full police uniform with a gun by his side, his own father fled in fear.

His presence was perceived as a threat, and he became an outcast in his own community, a situation that deeply affected him and made him loathe his job.

The root of this rejection lay in the painful memories of the past: during the Mau Mau uprising, police forces had killed five of his grandmother’s children.

In her grief and anger, she had cursed the police career, warning her remaining children never to let their offspring join the force.

Fearing that his life was jinxed due to the curse, Kamande made the difficult decision to resign from the police force.

He left his uniform behind and headed to Nairobi with a new dream in mind. Kamande ventured into the matatu business, a public transportation system that is prevalent in Kenya.