Karmel Park Hotel Owner, Age And Other Businesses He Owns 

By Staff Writer

Karmel Park is by far the best hotel in Kisii county if not in the larger Nyanza region. The architectural design oozes class and has that relaxing feel as you step in the well manicured spongy grass. Those who feel like swimming can dive in the world class sky blue pool. The waterfall on one side of the pool accentuates the beauty of the hotel. And it’s the only hotel in the county with a helipad. 

Who owns the hotel

The multi-million hotel is owned by Haron Kamau. A man whose business acumen is undeniable. Speaking to businessdaily in 2019, Mr Kamau revealed that the idea to venture into the hospitality industry was spurred when he visited China and Dubai. After several visits, I made up my mind to have a similar hotel back home.” It was in these two countries that he borrowed the architectural designs and “personally supervised the construction.” 

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The architect of this piece of art was Joshua Asati who designed the hotel in 2019 with the input of Mr Kamau. 31 year old said at the time, “Mr Kamau had a very clear vision of what he wanted, this made our job easier.” According to BD, the architect has designed over 70 buildings. 


The businessman is aged 49 years. 


He has been described as a serial entrepreneur by BD and rightly so. He was a shareholder of Transline public transport company that has been struggling of late and it’s day seems to be numbered. In a story carried elsewhere in this blog, Mr Kamau owns Overseas buses. 

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The businessman grows maize on large scale and also rears livestock in Nakuru. He told BD that he had petrol stations in Kisumu and a restaurant in Nakuru but closed these businesses to concentrate on the hotel. 

“The fuel business in Kisumu was also a good venture, but I do not want to juggle so many balls, I want to give Kamel Park my best,” he told BD.