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Kemunto Actress: I Was Famous But Broke, Her Journey To Success

Kemunto Actress, real name Naomi Kemunto Mabeya, is a Tik Tok star who trended for the better part of last week after reportedly purchasing a Ksh6 million car.

While she is living large at the moment, life was not always been a smooth ride. She currently owns a business and a YouTube channel with more than 13k subscribers. 

This is her story as told by WoK


She got a job as an actress at Ndizi TV. They acted in their local Gusii language and she gained fame among her community.

She also started a YouTube channel christined Gusii Nation TV. Speaking to Presenter Ali in a recent interview she said she was famous but broke. 

Selling vegetables and smokies 

Her sojourn in business started on a wrong footing after a friend told her that they would find success as vegetable vendors.

The friend told her she had been involved in the business and made good profits. The two agreed and she was to pay rent while the friend buys stock.

Soon after paying rent, the friend disappeared and she had no choice but to push ahead.

Partnering with her younger brother, they would go buy fresh vegetables in Githurai early in the morning and sell at a profit. Unfortunately, they didn’t know how to properly run the business and it folded. 

Next, she heard that the smokie business was very profitable and she ventured into it. She hadn’t thought of the fact that people prefer to be loyal to one smokie vendor.

They even started making posters that they were selling them for Ksh5 less to no avail. Finally, they decided to move back to their home in the village since they  (her and her brother) couldn’t afford rent. 


It is while at home that she discovered Tik Tok. A friend told her how to make money and the first day she made Ksh300 from the platform.

This made her see the opportunity and she became consistent going on to make hundreds of thousands.

She used the earnings to buy land which she would later sell and make a little bit of profit. Steadily, she grew her investments until she finally opened a salon and spa in Nairobi. 


The hardworking content creator displayed her new Mobius 3 SUV which she said was worth Ksh6 million.

She also recalled how she had once bought a car in order to ferry customers only to end up making losses.

Later, she got into the car rental business where she thought she would make a lot of money.

One day, a lady rented their car and they were very happy only to later receive a call from DCI that it had been used for robbery. This led to endless court sessions and a lot of losses.

Today, she boasts of the success inspiring people not to give up despite what they have been through.