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Dominic Agesa: Entrepreneur Behind Frederick Bittiner Fashion Wear, Kenya’s Leading Style Innovator And Fashion House

In the bustling streets of Nairobi, where fashion echoes the vibrant spirit of the city, Dominic Agesa carved his niche with Frederick Bittiner Wear, a fashion house.

Founded in 2019, Frederick Bittiner Wear was not just a business venture; it was a vision that defied boundaries and embraced diversity, catering to a market often overlooked by mainstream fashion.

Agesa’s journey began with a different plan.

He and a friend initially intended to import clothes from the UK, but fate had a different path in store.

When the government temporarily banned the importation of second-hand clothes due to the pandemic, Agesa seized the opportunity.

“With the government banning {temporarily} the importation of second-hand clothes, we had to rethink our strategy. Our eyes were suddenly open to the untapped potential in the market. We blotted out all importation plans and worked our way into the place we are today of designing and making clothes, not just for the local, but also the international market,” Agesa explained.

Shifting gears, he transformed his vision, focusing on designing and creating clothes for both local and international customers.

A pivotal moment in Agesa’s entrepreneurial voyage was his decision to involve skilled tailors as stakeholders.

This collective effort provided the necessary funds to purchase machinery, enabling Frederick Bittiner Wear to produce 10,000 pieces of clothing monthly. It was a risky move, but Agesa believed in his vision and the power of collaboration.

At the heart of Frederick Bittiner Wear’s success lies its commitment to inclusivity.

Agesa and his team started by catering to plus-sized women, a demographic often ignored by the mainstream fashion industry.

The positive response prompted them to expand, creating designs for individuals of all sizes.

This inclusivity became the hallmark of the brand, celebrating diversity and empowering customers to embrace their unique identities.

The brand’s designs, ranging from everyday essentials to bold and playful pieces, are carefully curated.

Names like “flirty flow,” “icy woman,” and “bang on a budget” reflect the essence of each creation.

What sets Frederick Bittiner Wear apart is its dedication to providing unique pieces through limited editions.

With 14 new designs introduced every week, customers are ensured of the exclusivity of their fashion choices.

Agesa’s commitment to nurturing talent and supporting emerging designers is evident through the Startup Designer Package.

By offering guidance in strategy, marketing, and business development, he empowers aspiring designers to transform their creativity into successful ventures.

This initiative not only strengthens the local fashion community but also fosters innovation and entrepreneurship.

“We guide individuals in transforming their creative visions into tangible designs and assist them in establishing their own brands. It brings us immense joy to have supported more than 150 aspiring fashion designers in Kenya, helping them successfully launch their unique brands. Our primary focus is on making a meaningful impact and fostering employment opportunities for the next generation of fashion innovators,” Agesa passionately stated