Kenya Prison Warders Salaries And Allowances

Kenya Prison Warders Salaries And Allowances

Being confined in a maximum prison with what you would call the miscreants of a society is not enviable at all. Prison warders have to contend with this as they have to ensure hardened prisoners don’t escape from prison. So how well are prison warders enumerated? We take a look at their pay and allowances.

Senior police officers monthly take home is way above their junior counterparts. Here is the ranking of Kenya prisons structure from the lowest ranked to the senior-most.

Constable of Prisons-PG 1
Corporal of Prisons-PG 2
Sergeant of Prisons-PG 3
Senior Sergeant of Prisons-PG 4
Inspector of Prisons-PG 5
Chief inspector of Prisons- PG 6
Superintendent of Prisons-PG 7
Senior Superintendent of Prisons-PG 8
Assistant Commissioner of Prisons-PG 9
Senior Assistant Commissioner of Prisons-PG 10
Deputy Commissioner of Prisons-PG 11
Senior Deputy Commissioner of Prisons-PG 12
Assistant Commissioner General of Prisons-PG 13
Deputy Commissioner General of Prisons-PG 14
Commissioner General of Prisons-PG 15
Kenya Prisons salary is as follows:
Constable of Prisons -Sh20,987
Corporal of Prisons – Sh28,671
Sergeant of Prisons Sh31,737
Senior Sergeant of Prisons- Sh33,903.
Commissioner of Prisons earns Sh141,000- Sh127,000

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Allowances of Kenya Prisons warders

Senior sergeant-shs9,000
Chief inspector-shs16,000
Superintendent –shs26,500
Senior superintendent-shs26,500
Assistant commissioner-shs30,500
Senior deputy-shs47,000
Commissioner of prisons-228,000 Next

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