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Kenyan Celebrities Who Have Built Their Parents Houses In 2022/23

It is always the dream of every child that once they grow up, they can find a way to appreciate their parents for the love and care they received growing up. This may be through taking them in and caring for them during old age or buying them gifts which may include cars or houses.

Over the years we have witnessed several Kenyan celebrities come out to show love to their parents by building or buying them houses. A majority of them, have told stories of the struggles and challenges they faced while growing up, and thus the gifts are of much significance to them and their parents.

In this article, WoK takes a look at some of the Kenyan celebrities that have gifted their parents houses.

Kenyan Celebrities Who Have Built Their Parents Houses In 2022/23

Eve Mungai 

The celebrated YouTuber has made her parents by building them a magnificent bungalow in their rural home. The house design is simple yet superbly elegant.

King Kaka

Award-winning Kenyan rapper Kennedy Ombima, popularly known as King Kaka is among the biggest names in the country’s music industry. Last week, the “wajinga nyinyi” hitmaker fulfilled one of his biggest promises to his mother, Elizabeth Ombima.

Kenyan Celebrities Who Gifted Their Parents Houses (1)

The two lived together in Eastlands and struggled to make ends meet. He revealed that they once lived in a house where they used to pay Ksh500 rent, which they could not even afford and most of the time, they would be locked out over arrears.

During one of those troublesome days, he promised his mother that he would one day be successful enough in life to buy her a house of her own. 

“One day I came home from school and kanjo had placed a very big padlock coz we couldn’t afford to pay Kshs500 rent, I promised my mom that in the future I’ll buy her a house.

“Fast forward 4 days ago we just prayed in the living room of this house that I built for her. The sounds of a testimony and I am happy that she has a place she can call home,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Thank you mom for putting on a brave face over the years even when I knew things were not okay. Asante and Be blessed. To all the believers, It’s possible! And God is Love,” he added.


The celebrated disk jockey and media personality is one of the wealthiest entertainers in the country. He too, recently gifted his mother a house.

Kenyan Celebrities Who Gifted Their Parents Houses

During an interview with a local daily, DJ Mo revealed that he spent around Ksh5 million to build a 3-bedroomed house for his parents. He added that they have already moved into the new house.

“It took me around eight months to build because there is the standard I really wanted,” he said.

“It was a gift to just say thank you for raising me up. I’m from a very very humble background.. that’s why small wins mean a lot to me.”

Terence Creative

In 2021, the renowned comedian and content creator revealed that he was building a house for his grandmother as a thank you gift for raising him.

Sadly, she passed away before the house was completed and never got to spend a day in it.

The house has since been completed.

Kenyan Celebrities Who Gifted Their Parents Houses

YY Comedian

The former Churchill show comedian and content creator built his mother a house in 2019 and handed it over in 2020.

The comedian who has on numerous occasions narrated the kind of life he grew up in and the struggles he faced, stated that he could not wait to reciprocate the care that his mother accorded him and his sisters.

On several occasions, he has used his personal experience in some of his jokes and comic works.

His move to build and gift his mother a house at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic was lauded by many including the Madam Boss, Akothee.

Kenyan Celebrities Who Gifted Their Parents Houses (1)

DJ Joe Mfalme

The celebrated DJ is also among the list of media personalities that have reciprocated the love and care afforded to him by his parents.

The award-winning DJ built his parents a house as a thank you gift for raising and caring for him.

Kenyan Celebrities Who Gifted Their Parents Houses

DJ Fatxo

Celebrated Kikuyu artiste Lawrence Njuguna popularly known as DJ Fatxo gifted his mum a newly furnished house on Feb,14th, 2021.

He noted that the house was a thank you gift for raising him right.

“Thank you, Mom, for showing me how to be kind to everyone. Thank you, Dad, for showing me how to be strong in the bad times. I owe so much to both of you!

Everything that I learned in life, is from you two. You are the reason behind my successes and the inspiration behind my endeavors!

Thank you! Raising a son like me can be difficult if you are not extremely good at parenting. Thank you for being so patient and perfect.

I love you both. If we could live more than once in each of our lives, I’d want to be your son again. Thank you for being my home.

Happy Valentines my beloved parents and please receive this small gift from me.” He wrote on his socials

Peter Miracle baby

Miracle Baby is currently building his parents a house according to a local daily.

The “Wakeritho” hit maker noted that he is financing the project using some of the money he accrued as a member of the Sailors Gang music group.

“I have built for my parents and they are currently not paying rent,” he said.

“I bought land in Membley, with the money I got from music. They are my second God. This was my main project in 2021. I will be officially opening it in a few months.”