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Who Is Paris Fury? Age, Background, Reality Show, Family, Children, Marriage To Tyson Fury And Net Worth

Paris Fury (born on 5th December 1989) is the wife of heavyweight world boxing champion Tyson Fury. She is a former model, waitress and an author of two books: 

  • Love and Fury: The Magic and Mayhem of Life with Tyson (2021). This is a memoir that delves into her life, her upbringing, how she met Tyson and the ups and downs encountered in their journey. 
  • How Does She Do It? The Kids,Tyson and Me. Released this year, the book centers on her daily life, cooking, cleaning and raising kids and globe trotting with her husband. 

Here is her story as told by WoK.


She was born in Wythenshawe, Manchester England. Her parents are James and Linda Mulroy. 

Netflix Reality Show

Together with her family, they starred in the reality show At Home with the Furys whose first season was released by Netflix on 16th August 2023. 

Marriage To Tyson Fury

The couple met at a friend’s wedding in 2005. They were both teenagers and he was yet to become a well-known boxer. They started dating a year later when she was 16. 

She said in a past interview that she liked him from the beginning although they did not start dating immediately.

Tyson was her first boyfriend and being devout Catholics they did not sleep together until marriage. Their first date was at the cinema to watch King Kong. 

They almost called off their wedding when Tyson did not secure a chance to compete at 2008 Olympics. She wanted a winter wedding in November while Tyson wanted it earlier since his schedule had been freed up. 

“My fiance clearly did not understand the amount of planning and organization that went into a wedding. I was beginning to realize how incredibly impulsive he was, the sort of person who lived life in the moment and liked to make decisions on the hoof,” she was quoted by The Sun. 

They reconciled their differences and got married in November 2008 at St. Peter-in-Chains Catholic Church in Doncaster, New Yorkshire 

The champion left boxing in 2022 after a knockout win against Dillion. He did it for his wife whom he has previously credited for being his biggest mentor. 

“My biggest mentor in my career is probably me wife. Because without her, I would have probably went AWOL a long time ago. I’ve been AWOL anyway plenty of times but I’ve always had that loving wife relationship, sort of the backbone,” he said in a past interview. 

Paris Fury Children

The couple is blessed with seven children: 

  • Venezuela Fury born in October 2009
  • Prince John in October 2011
  • Prince Tyson II Fury in July 2016 
  • Valencia Amber Fury in December 2017
  • Prince Adonis Amaziah Fury in March 2019
  • Athena Fury in August 2021 
  • Prince Rico Paris Fury in September 2023

Paris Fury Net Worth 

She gets her money from her books, sponsorship and the Netflix Show. She is estimated to be worth $4 million.

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