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Kimani Sheriff: How I Moved From Ksh 50,000 Job In Kenya To Owning Multi-Million Properties In The US

In the heart of Nairobi’s Mtindwa area, Kimani Sheriff, a dedicated Kenyan nurse, once called a small single-room space his home.

That was before he embarked on a remarkable journey that would lead him to homeownership in the United States.

In a recent Twitter post, Kimani proudly shared his achievement, showcasing a stunning residential property with a spacious, well-maintained green yard—a far cry from the humble beginnings he left behind in Kayole.

Here is his story as told by WOK

Nearly seven years ago, Kimani made the bold decision to leave his life in Kenya behind in search of better opportunities and a more fulfilling life.

At the time, he worked as a nurse at the Mater Hospital in Nairobi, earning a monthly salary of Sh. 50,000 (approximately $380).

While his dedication to his profession was unwavering, Kimani couldn’t help but feel that the compensation he received was an injustice to the hardworking nurses of Kenya who tirelessly care for numerous patients around the clock.

Kimani’s decision to relocate to the United States was driven by a desire for a brighter future and a fair reward for his dedication to the nursing profession.

Little did he know that this move would mark the beginning of an incredible journey towards homeownership and financial success.

Today, Kimani proudly looks at his stunning home in the USA, complete with a spacious and well-maintained green yard.

Reflecting on his remarkable journey, Kimani emphasizes the stark disparity in wages between Kenyan nurses and their counterparts in the United States.

He sees his success as a reminder that Kenyan nurses deserve better compensation for their tireless efforts.

In a heartfelt tweet, he encouraged fellow healthcare professionals to consider pursuing opportunities in countries like the USA or UK.

”I don’t regret moving to USA to earn the same $380 every 3 hours. Kenyan nurses deserve better,” Part of Kimani’s tweet read.

Kimani’s achievements extend beyond homeownership.

In addition to his nursing career, he has diversified his investments.

He proudly owns two Lexus GX470s in the US and reportedly possesses a ‘kadudu’ and a Jeep Wrangler in Kenya.

Entrepreneurial in spirit, Kimani ventured into the landscaping business before transitioning into the trucking industry.

His vision and hard work paid off, allowing him to buy his dream home and embark on a new chapter of success.