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King Tizian Savage: From Boda Boda Rider to Owning Brand New Audi A7

King Tizian Savage
King Tizian Savage flaunts his new Audi A7, the TikToker rose from Boda Boda rider to celebrity on TikTok. Photo/Instagram.

TikToker King Tizian Savage has acquired a brand-new Audi.

The sensational TikToker has created a big fanbase on the social media platform.

Tizian took to social media to flaunt his new ride an Audi A7.

“2024 God did when I didn’t have I complained and now that he has blessed me I won’t keep it a secret,” Tizian said.

The Tiktoker did not reveal how much it cost him to acquire the ride but according to sources he coughed up around KSh 2.3 million.

Tizian rose to fame in 2022 as a boda boda rider in Nakuru, he was a close friend of the late TikToker Brian Chira.

The TikToker had to refute claims he was gay in previous interviews after rumours emerged he was in a relationship with Brian Chira.

Tizian was forced to clear the air on the rumours and set the record straight.

He claimed Chira was only a close friend and a fellow content creator.

“There’s a video we did, and he (Chira) was twerking on the video, so that’s where the rumour started,” TikToker said in an interview with Radio Maisha.