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The Kadudu Squad: Meet Six Kenyan Celebrities Who Drive Cheap Cars

When it comes to Kenyan celebrities, the narrative is not always about flashy lifestyles.

While some own cars worth over Ksh20 million, there are some who can’t afford to drive cars worth half a million. 

Others don’t own cars at all. In Kenya, there is a popular type of affordable hatchback, popularly known as Kadudu.

The most popular versions of this vehicle are the Toyota Vitz and Mazda Demio. 

Most of these cars cost below Ksh2 million.

In this article, WoK takes a look at celebrities who drive these ‘Kadudus’. 

Lyne Omondi

In March 2022, comedian Eric Omondi made headlines by gifting his girlfriend, Lyne Omondi, a brand new Toyota Vitz as a birthday present. 

In the event , Omondi credited Lyne for her key role in the success of his entertainment company ( Big Tyme Entertainment) and said she deserved the appreciation. 

However, netizens criticized his gift, questioning why he had gifted her a cheap car days after gifting another of his numerous baby mamas a new Range Rover. 

The response prompted the funny man to gift Lyne another car, a Mazda SUV, as a push gift to celebrate her pregnancy in March this year.  

Yvette Obura

Earlier this month, musician Bahati’s baby Mama Yvette Obura joined the proud list of car owners after buying herself a new Nissan Note. 

The car costs approximately Ksh1.2 million. 

Obura, who is one of the most low-profile Kenyan celebrities, posted the photos on social media, which showed her posing in front of the blue car while flaunting the keys with the caption ‘Pesa kidogo nishanunua kadudu,” 

The move occurred days after Bahati gifted his wife Diana a brand new Range Rover autobiography. 

Kelvin Kinuthia 

Earlier this year, controversial Tiktoker Kelvin Kinuthia gifted himself a brand new car – a red Nisan Note.

He named the car Baby Blessing. 

According to online sources, the car’s price ranges between ksh 1.4M and Ksh1.5M.

Kinuthia, who doesn’t mince his words,  responded to critics who criticized him for his choice of car,  suggesting that he should have bought a bigger whip.

The Tiktoker posted a video telling off the critics and captioned it ‘ let me stay in peace with my Kadudu’. 


He is a renowned content creator celebrated for his viral dance moves on TikTok. 

In August this year, the differently abled  Kisii University law student was gifted a new Toyota Vitz by gospel musician Chacaha De. 

Acknowledging Babushka’s work on Tiktok, Chacha De emphasized the importance of extending a lending hand to others, especially the physically challenged. 

Babushka revealed in a recent Q&A with his fans on Instagram that he was on cloud nine after making his first million at the age of 23. 

William Ruto

Yes, the president is on the list of celebrities who drive a Kadudu. 

Earlier this year, the big man made global headlines when he drove himself in a lemon yellow, Ksh 1.7 Million electric car dubbed Autopax Aire Yetu to the Africa Climate Summit that was held in Nairobi. 

The 4 seater hunchback has all the amenities of a normal car and spends 40% less on fuel according to the manufacturer.

The car was manufactured in Lhuzou, China, and assembled in Nairobi. 

The model comes in two levels: the short-range one which covers 200 kilometers on full charge and the long-range one which covers 300 kilometers. 

Vincent Mboya

In May this year, YouTuber Vincent Mboya clocked a memorable milestone in his life when he bought his first car – a Suzuki Solio worth about Ksh 900 000. 

He posted on social media that his first stop would be at Mtwapa to celebrate the good news with his mother. 

He noted that the front seat of his car would be reserved for his mother and that no one else would be allowed to sit there. 

While celebrating the good news on social media, Mboya said he bought the car just two years after joining the entertainment industry. 

However, the Youtuber recently surprised his fans again when he announced he had bought a brand new Range Rover.