Kunga Kihohia: Finding Himself Penniless And Homeless In The US Now Owning 20-Acre Organic Farm In Kenya

Kunga Kihohia: From Being Homeless In The US To Owning 20-Acre Organic Farm In Kenya
Kunga Kihohia during an interview with Tuko. |Courtesy| Tuko|

Kunga Kihohia is an African returnee who is the founder and owner of Back to Nature organic farm located at Kabati in Murang’a County. After being homeless in the US, he braved uncertainty and returned to Kenya where he has since forged a successful career in farming.

Kunga’s farm is 20 acres in size and is one of the largest organic farms in the country. He is a champion for healthy living and urges people to move away from inorganic to organic foods.

Here’s his story as told by WoK.

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Background & Education

Kunga was born and raised in South Florida to Kenyan parents from Murang’a County.

His father moved to the US and settled in Northern Carolina, however, he fell in love with Miami after a visit and decided to relocate to South Florida where Kunga and his siblings were born.

Kunga Kihohia: From Being Homeless In The US To Owning 20-Acre Organic Farm In Kenya
File image of Kunga Kihohia. |Photo| Courtesy|

Kunga grew up in Miami for the better part of his childhood years before he first visited Kenya with his family and spent five years. He learned to speak Kiswahili as well as his mother tongue—Kikuyu.

During his stay in Kenya, he experienced the African culture and got to learn of the many opportunities the continent can offer.

Kihohia returned to the United States at the age of 15 and completed his high school studies. He then proceeded to Florida International University.

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Kunga embarked on a career in banking soon after completing his college studies. He was employed at Wells Fargo, one of the largest financial service companies in the US, where he soon climbed the corporate ladder and started earning $50,000 per year.

With such a good job in his late twenties, he was a very contented man.

However, with time, he grew tired and bored of his work. To him, it was not his destined career path. He also raised concern about the 8 to 10 daily working hours and that the salary he earned did not match his job. He also noted that his job was affecting him healthwise since he had gained massive weight, 350 pounds (158.76Kg).

Kunga decided to quit but did not have the guts to approach management, so he settled for making them fire him. He started coming in two hours late and taking three-hour lunch breaks and soon afterwards, he got his wish. He was fired.

Kunga Kihohia: From Being Homeless In The US To Owning 20-Acre Organic Farm In Kenya
PLO Lumumba visits Kunga Kihohia at his Back To Nature organic farm on December 20, 2020. |Courtesy| PLO Lumumba Facebook|

Homeless in the US

At the age of 29, he found himself in all kinds of financial problems, every business he started failed and he became homeless. He began sleeping in his car.

“This was the most difficult time in my life because I didn’t understand how, after everything I have done in my life…how did I end up there.” 

Kunga chose not to go back to his parents because he believes they did not get him into the financial mess he was in.

“I got myself in this situation, I have to take responsibility to get myself out.” So he began reading a bunch of literature books on how to become successful in life.

With the knowledge he had gained, Kunga no longer regarded money as a motivation in his life. He found mentorship as well as business partners and together they developed a business model. After about five years, he achieved the financial success he had visualized.

Return to Africa

Despite finding success in his new venture, Kunga was still discontented with making a lot of money from something he did not love. Also, he had become obese and decided to return to what he loved, nature and holistic living.

At the time, the Africa rising narrative had gained popularity in the US and people had begun to talk about how Africa is coming up. He began to read books on Safaricom, among other several tech startups and was impressed.

Kunga Kihohia: From Being Homeless In The US To Owning 20-Acre Organic Farm In Kenya
Collage of Kunga Kihohia before and after obesity. |Photo| Courtesy|

Kunga made up his mind to return to his ancestral home and live the life he wanted.

“Every human being on this face of this earth has a place they call home. In that regard no matter where you may travel around the world…for me, Kenya, Africa is, was, will always be home.”

Before returning to Kenya, Kunga went to Hippocrates Health Institute and pursued life transformation and health educator programs. He later graduated as a health educator and got certified in raw food preparation. He embarked on saving his life from obesity and pre-diabetes by pursuing organic farming. He also sought to educate others on the same.
That was the genesis of the Back To Nature movement.
Back to Nature Organic Farm

Kunga set up his Back To Nature organic farm in Kenya in 2014. The 20-acre farm is based on the ideology that the closer we are to nature, the more whole, happy, at peace, and at ease we are.

He believes that unease resulting from the consumption of inorganic products is the cause of most health problems. So, everything that is grown on this farm is organic. The farm grows a mix of different horticultural fruits and vegetables. These include cabbages, onions, bananas, passion fruits, avocados, maize, and beans.

Kunga Kihohia: From Being Homeless In The US To Owning 20-Acre Organic Farm In Kenya
Back To Nature organic farm. |Photo| Courtesy|

Healthy bacteria that are grown organically on the farm are used to build up the farm soil. These bacteria make the soil fertile and also help to control pests and diseases. Kunga also makes natural fertilizer on his farm using cow dung, healthy bacteria, and some other natural ingredients. The farm does not use any inorganic chemical fertilisers.

Other than crop farming, Kunga rears goats, chickens, and cows. He uses their waste to make organic fertilizer.

Through farming, Kihohia motivates people across the world to ensure healthy living. He also wants to help people who have lost their health to regain it.

During an interview with Tuko, Kunga stated that there is nothing more rewarding than getting one’s feet dirty and connecting with the soil because food comes from the soil. He says that farming in African soil is a beautiful thing to do.

Kunga Kihohia: From Being Homeless In The US To Owning 20-Acre Organic Farm In Kenya
Back To Nature organic farm. |Photo| Courtesy|
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