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KUPPET Sec-Gen Akelo Misori Biography, Education, Career & Family

Akelo Misori is the incumbent Secretary-General for the Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET).

He is known for his relentless fight for the rights of teachers. He specifically joined the union to champion and advocate for the rights of secondary school and college teachers.

In 2020, Misori was on the forefront, advocating for student rights, while urging the national government to release funds and help keep learners in schools.

In bold proclamations and statements during press briefings, the Secretary-General has on various occasions voiced displeasure at the exploitation of minors in the country. He has often called for action and an end to child labour, sexual abuse, domestic violence among others.

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Background & Family

Misori was born and raised in Migori County. He hails from a family of education enthusiasts. Several of his family members have been, some still are, teachers.

As a young man, he always wanted to be a teacher. His father, and mentor, had been a teacher, working in class rooms for over 30 years.

“I come from a family of teachers. Apart from my father, my elder sister was a teacher who taught for 27 years. Our second-born sister was a teacher and she taught for 35 years,” he told the Star during an interview in August 2016.

Misori followed in the footsteps of his father, teaching for 21 years. His younger siblings also followed in a similar path.


Misori attended Siriba Teachers College (now Maseno University) where he attained a Diploma in Education.

The KUPPET Sec-Gen then later on joined Kenyatta University in 1998. In 2002, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Religious studies.

Misori identified school administration as his favourite unit, conceding he did not enjoy psychology as much. He studied till late to cope with the pressure of being a student, a teacher and a games master.

“Apart from books, you would find me in the field where our school based team at KU had the likes of KNUT Sec General Wilson Sossion whom we shared common units, Tim Oyucho a TSC lawyer, Boaz Owino the current Maranda High principal.

“So I was not alone in the “gumbaru” thing,” he revealed during an interview with the Standard.

His graduation day was the climax of his studies as it coincided with the teachers’ strike of October 18, 2002, which was also at its peak over the legal Notice 534 of 1997.


Misori has over 21 years of experience as a teacher.

Over the course of his career, he taught in various schools including at Migori Boys High School.

He was a games master and a football coach at Migori Boys, when he joined Kenyatta University for his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Religious studies degree.

Teachers’ Union

With a strong background in teaching, Misori joined KUPPET and was elected its national chair in 2006.

“It was because of the insensitive nature of the Teachers Service Commission and the willingness of KNUT to dance with the establishment.

“There was no other option out of teaching because in our family we are all teachers. There was mismatch in the profession in the terms and conditions of service and I had to join the union to champion the teachers’ issues from a point of strength,” Misori explained.

Over the course of his reign at the helm of KUPPET, the union has grown to become a major stakeholder in the education sector. It has grown from about 3,000 members to over 50,000 members.

He championed for the abolishment of school rankings, arguing that some schools were not as equipped as others, therefore the ranking marginalised some institutions when it came to student admissions.

Misori has also been very vocal on the interference in education by political leaders, who he says have slowed its growth in the country through poor legislation.