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Best Places to Live in Nairobi With a Salary of Ksh10,000 Per Month

As unemployment continues to bite, and the economy in a recovery process from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, a majority of Kenyans are living on the edge.

Living in Kenya’s capital comes with its fair share of challenges. First is whether, your earnings, are enough to pay your rent, feed your family and even have enough left to save.

Several Kenyans in Nairobi live on menial jobs where they make about Ksh10,000 a month. Several other run small business which generate a similar amount monthly.

The headache of living on such a wage in the country’s capital has taken a toll on many Kenyans, others have rejected employment opportunities offering such wages in favour of a simple life in rural areas.

In this segment Whownskenya.com compiles a list of places one can live with Ksh10,000 salary.

Note: The said rental prices in these areas will favour you if one works close by. It is impractical to live in a Ksh2,000 far away and spend Ksh6,000 on commutes when earning Ksh10,000.


Ruiru is located within the Nairobi Metropolitan area in Kiambu County just 40 minutes from the CBD. The area is home to many Kenyans who work in Nairobi, thanks to the affordable house rents in the region.

Single rooms rental prices in Ruiru start from as low as Ksh3,000 while bedsitters start at Ksh5,000 per month.

Those living in the area are adviced to master bus fare trends, as to be aware on when rates are low and when they are hiked.


Located in Kiambaa constituency, Kiambu county, Gachie especially along Red Hill Road, is home to a lot of Kenyans who work in Nairobi.

Food in the area is cheap, thanks to the Gachie Market.

Decent mabati houses in the are go for around Ksh2,000. Block single rooms start from Ksh3,000 to Ksh4,000. Bedsitters start from Ksh5,500.


It is located 40-minutes from the Nairobi CBD.

Good mabati houses in Ruai go for around Ksh2,500. Block single-rooms rental prices start from as low as Ksh 3,500 while bedsitters start from Ksh5,500.


Just less than an hour from the Nairobi CBD, Kinoo is another affordable residential area. It is located in Kikuyu Constituency.

For as little as Ksh1,500 you can get yourself a decent mabati house. Block single-rooms in the area start from Ksh3,500 to around Ksh 4,000 per month. Bedsitters start from Ksh6,000 a month.

Kinoo is known to have cheap food, due to the numerous surrounding farming activites in the area.


Located in Kabete Constituency, about 50 minutes from Nairobi CBD, Wangige provides one of the most affordable housing rates in Nairobi.

You can get yourself a decent mabati house for as low as Ksh1,500 while block single rooms go for Ksh3,500. Bedsitters start from Ksh6,000.


Located in Dagoretti South Constituency, about 50 minutes from the Nairobi CBD, Waithaka poses as one of the most affordable places to live in Nairobi.

Decent mabati houses in the are go for Ksh2,000 while block single rooms range from Ksh3,500 to Ksh4,000. Bedsitters start from Ksh6,000.


Other places touted to offer affordable housing rates in Nairobi include Muthama, Makongeni (Kaloleni), Gikambura, Pipeline among others.