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Veronicah Mumira: Kenyan Nurse In Australia Owning A College, Multi-Million Apartments In Mombasa

Veronicah Mumira is a Kenyan-born healthcare worker living in Australia. She is the founder and director of Auscare Group – a staffing agency based in Perth City which offers healthcare services for the disabled and training of healthcare practitioners.

She also runs a real estate company by the name Angeo Group Property Ltd.

Veronicah moved to Australia in 2001 for further studies. She pursued a Bachelor of Science and Nursing degree in Nursing Science at the University of Notre Dame, Australia. She later landed a job at the country’s department of health after graduation.

The Journey

“I started my journey in Bentley Hospital and I did mental health and general nursing for a year. From there, I got an opportunity to work in Sir Charles Gairdner – it is one of the biggest tertiary hospitals in Western Australia,” she said during an interview with Alex Chamwada on Daring Abroad.

Veronicah went back to school and attained a Diploma in Midwifery from Curtin University. She later worked for a few years before deciding to go private.

“I was doing agency. Agency means you work with a different agency casual and they send you to a different location. So I did that for around five years and I thought what can I do to be like an agent and that’s how Auscare Group was born in 2009,” she said.

She was inspired to open her own agency due to the competitive nature of the healthcare industry in Australia.

Auscare recruits professional healthcare and hospitality industry workers such as chefs, who offer services in health facilities. During the interview with Chamwada, Veronicah revealed that her company has employed about 400 people, with a quarter of them being Kenyan natives.

Owning Apartments In Kenya

Veronicah has also ventured into the real estate sector, where she develops and sells properties in Australia and Kenya. She is the owner of a real estate project along Mombasa-Malindi road known as Georgia Apartments.

“It’s 28 apartments, it’s three-bedroom, three bathrooms, and each apartment will have a servant quarter,” she said.

She revealed that during the construction of the apartment, she did not seek any bank loans for the development, rather, she used money she had been saving up for 20 years.

“I did not borrow any loans so the money I had saved is what helped me fund the project in Kenya. It has not been easy but I was very determined.

“I wanted to show Kenyans that even though one door is not opened, you can still push yourself to the limit and make it happen,” Veronicah narrated.

The apartment was built while Mumira was still in Australia but keenly followed the construction to its completion. She had consultants on the ground who were in constant communication with her.

“I monitored the project on CCTV cameras. I know what is happening on the ground, zooming during management meetings so it has been great,” she narrated.

She attributes her entrepreneurial skills to her mother who owned a clinic in Likoni.

“If there is an opportunity, make use of it,” she advises.

“I have served Australia half my life as a public servant because I am a registered nurse and midwife. I have left the continent but my heart is still there. I wanted to give back to the community,” she said.

Veronicah advice Kenyans seeking to immigrate to Australia to be open-minded and understand that things just don’t happen in day, but over time, with hard work and determination.

“All the Kenyans who want to take the kids to Australia or want to migrate to Australia for greener pastures, you have to be very open-minded because the things which you think gonna happen in a week is gonna happen in years.” 

AUSCARE International College

In 2022, the serial entrepreneur established AUSCARE International College at Epic Business Park in Nyali, Mombasa-a sister company of AUSCARE GROUP in Australia that was started in 2009.