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List of Companies, Individuals That Helped Ex-Tahidi High Actor Omosh

In February 2021, veteran comedic actor Kamau Kinuthia popularly known as Omosh narrated a heart breaking story of how he had hit rock bottom.

Owing to the economic constraints resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, the media industry was massively affected. Omosh at the time, revealed that he was unable to feed his family.

Overwhelmed with pity for the former Tahidi High actor, members of the public, celebrities and companies, came to his rescue.

Some donated money, foods, basic supplies and utilities, and others donated land and construction materials.

In this segment, Whownskenya.com looks at the individuals and companies that extended a helping hand to the comedic actor.

List of Companies, Individuals That Helped Ex-Tahidi High Actor Omosh

  1. Felix Jalang’o

The veteran media personality was drawn to the plea of a fellow entertainer. Jalang’o promised to raise over Ksh1 million for Omosh and his family.

The former Tahidi High actor is a husband to two and a father of five.

Jalang’o while hosting his Kiss FM show revealed that he had received pledges of Ksh1.05 million, Ksh20,000 shopping voucher, free bed, seats and a TV.

2. Zero Hero Properties Limited

On Valentines Day, the real estate company gifted Omosh a 40 by 80 feet piece of land in Malaa along Kang’undo Road complete with a title deed.

It was also reported that the firm contracted Omosh to create their commercials and also host their events.

“We decided to be part of the solution and presented our brother with a 40 by 80 plot in Malaa worth Sh500,000 free of charge. Our mission is to help settle 1,000,000 families and we are glad to help Omosh start on his homeownership journey,” a statement by the firm read in part.

They also gave him two lorries of sand that will aid in the construction of his house.

3. Sung Timber

The Kikuyu based timber dealers offered to build a house for the comedian on the piece of land he was awarded.

Linnet Kathambi a director at Sung Timber, recently revealed that the three bedroomed house is at the painting stage and will soon be handed over to the comedian.

List of Companies, Individuals That Helped Ex-Tahidi High Actor Omosh

4. Singer Guardian Angel

While appearing on Jalang’o TV, the comedian expressed gratitude to singer Guardian Angel and Jalang’o for the help they had afforded him.

“I did not know I have so many friends,” a tearful Omosh stated.

5. Politician Alinur Mohammed

The City politician was among the first Kenyans to respond to Omosh’s plea for help.

The politician visited Omosh, gifting him cash, along with shopping for food items and other utilities.

List of Companies, Individuals That Helped Ex-Tahidi High Actor Omosh
Omosh and Alinur Mohammed. |Photo| Courtesy|

Omosh, had revealed that he was unable to pay house rent for the whole of 2020, and owed rent arrear in excess of Ksh100,000.

Taking to Instagram, the actor revealed a list of companies and individuals that came together to build him a home.

Here is the complete list;

  1. Zero Hero Properties Ltd
  2. Sung Timber
  3. Samuel Kirimi (Launchpad Homes) – contractors
  4. Benign Consultants Ltd. – House design
  5. Patrick Mwangi (Roof Doctor) – Free roofing services
  6. Joseph Ruhiu (Mahiga Homes) – 200 bags of cement
  7. Nyumbani Concept – all tiles and sanitary fittings
  8. Tona Breweries – Paint job
  9. Sarafina Salim – Ksh20,000
  10. Covenant Chapel Nairobi – Cement
  11. Nestend Properties – Cement
  12. Portland Cement – Cement
  13. Rafiki Rooging Mabati – Iron sheets
  14. Willstone Homes – Building stones
  15. Mary Nduta (Margil Electricals) – Electrical fittings