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List Of Schools In Kenya That Pay P1 Teachers Over Kes200,000 Per Month

Teaching is seemingly a thankless job in this part of Africa. Kenyans are accustomed to teachers’ union officials making endless threats of going on strike over poor pay. Public schools are most affected as children have to stay at home and watch their teachers on TV chanting ‘bado mapambano’.

And teachers are always in a fighting mood with their employer and rightly so. 

International schools

Then there is a breed of teachers whose work is to impart knowledge to children of the wealthy. Children who think ‘Swahili’ is a foreign language ala French or Germany. Teachers of International schools. Diplomats, politicians, expatriates, top government officials take their children to these schools.

Fees in these international schools range from kes300,000 per term to upwards of kes1 m per year. The children go for holidays in Europe for skiing and not the national museum.

We list the schools that pay teachers over kes200,000:
BrookHouse School

The school offers British Curriculum. Fees in this school ranges from kes80,000 for little brookies and upwards of kes1 million for those of ages 12-13. The lowest paid teacher pockets over kes100,000.

Peponi School
Another expensive school catering for the moneyed. Teachers are well enumerated and you will never see them on the streets agitating for more pay.

Greensteds International school
Nursery kids pay kes82,000 in fees while those aged 12-13 kes734,000.

Gems Cambridge

German School in Kenya

Banda School

Makini Schools
This is one of the institution you will want your child to be educated if you just had the money. Teachers are well paid.

Annual fees in this school is kes1.6 million. Teachers are paid upwards of kes200,000. Next