Liz Maua and Maria Sidi: High School Students Invent Floating Bicycle That Can Be Ridden On Indian Ocean

Liz Maua and Maria Sidi PHOTO/K24 Digital

Liz Maua and Maria Sidi are Form Two students at Ronald Ngara Memorial Secondary School in Kilifi County.

Recently, the two completed the construction of a floating bicycle that took four months to put together.

The two came up with the project in a bid to reduce emissions to the ocean and reduce the effects of climate change.

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Here is their story as told by WoK.

High school students Liz and Maria recently constructed a water bicycle that can float and be ridden across a water body.

The two used jerrycans to construct the bicycle that took four months to complete before it was tested in different parts of the beach.

According to a report on K24 TV, they came up with the project to reduce the effects of climate change and emissions into the ocean.

The bicycle floats on water due to the buoyancy of the jerrycans used, allowing one to move from one side to the next.

“We used it on a nearby beach and it was very efficient. Besides the environmental benefits, it is also a fun and refreshing activity

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“The pedaling will initiate movement in the propeller which has the blades allowing the bike to move forward or backward depending on how you pedal,” they explained.

The innovation has a total of eight jerrycans; four on each side, a pedal and a propeller pushing the water backwards.

The two innovators used a frame akin to that of a normal bicycle while the metal was wielded together to come up with the wings.

The wings are designed in a circular shape so as to hold the jerrycans.

With a capacity of two passengers, the floating bicycle can carry up to 199 kilograms on a single ride.

Liz and Maria are seeking funding in order to go into mass production.

“There is a need to curb the increasing disposal of plastic in the ocean which has caused a risk to marine life,” they stated.

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