Magix Enga: Gospel Artist Turned Kenya’s Top Producer, His Journey Downhill

What comes into your mind when the name Magix Enga is mentioned? A super talented music producer with roots from Nakuru. Right? That’s not all he is. He is also a musician and enjoys playing musical instruments.

Here is his story as told by WoK.


He went to Tapev Music School where he started his career journey as a music producer. Magix Enga whose real name is Njenga Chege came into the limelight in 2020 after a squabble between him and an American musician known as 6ix9ine. Enga accused the American rapper of using his beats on his song titled Gooba without his consent.

As a result, the song was brought down but it did not stay that way for long. 6ix9ine legal team filed a counter suit and the song was back up. The producer later revealed that the American rapper paid him for his beats. The song had already garnered over 20 million views at the time on YouTube.

Career Path

He started his career as a gospel producer and then later ventured into producing secular music. Like every other career, he has had his lows in his journey. He once produced a feel-good song that did not meet his expectations. The song garnered 17,000 views only. This was the least-viewed song he ever produced.

He was disappointed but he pressed on. He is one of the most principled producers we have in Kenya. Last year the producer announced that he would not work with gengetone artists because that genre was promoting immorality.

Magix Enga has worked with gifted musicians to produce hit songs including Otile Brown, Tanasha Donna, and BOONDOCKS GANG.  He has also produced several albums of his own. Among them are Mambichwa and velocity. He is well recognized for his unique line “Magix Enga on the beat” at the beginning of every song he produces.

Enga’s current worth is not known, however, when he was still producing music he had made a good income for himself that enabled him to start his recording studio. Magix Empire Studio was estimated to have cost Ksh5 million. The self-proclaimed ‘King Beat’ however, found himself on the receiving end after netizens questioned his source of wealth.

He was accused of being a member of the Illuminati cult. Appearing on Presenter Ali’s YouTube channel, he did not deny or dissociate himself from the Illuminati narrative. He confirmed that he indeed was recruited by a lady he had met.

The music producer stated that all went south when he left the cult and gave his life to Christ. He was one time involved in an accident along Thika road that almost took his life.

Life in danger

In October 30,2020, the producer claimed his life was in danger,

“What’s happening is that I’ve just been trailed by a guy with a gun just now. I don’t understand who I have offended or where the problem is but life has gotten more serious than I thought.

Pray for me I don’t know who’s following me. Five guys with guns during day time…. This happened to me last time- I thought it was a joke, but now this is serious,” he said at the time.

He added that he came to Nairobi with a bag “and a t-shirt and a t-shirt to look for means to make a living. But now I’m done with entertainment. I have stopped making music.” 

He said at the time that they was no more Magix Enga.

“No more Magix Enga on the beat because I’m really afraid of death, can’t die now. I will make a good video when I’m calm; then I will share on my YouTube channel. May God protect all artists out there. Remember my Facebook page with 60k likes was hacked. So don’t book fake sessions online.”


Magix Enga was recently filmed looking disoriented. In the video, he was barefoot and unkempt. You could see he was not fine although he claimed to be fine. Last year he took to his social media saying that he had a drug addiction problem and has spent 3 months in rehab.

The decorated artist had also told Mungai Eve in an interview that he was battling depression. We hope that he will be back on his feet as soon as he can so that he can embark on creating music.