Margaret Small: The Lady From Busia Who Owns Exotic London Restaurant That Hosted A Delegation Of Kenyan MPs

At only 30 years old, Margaret Small, a Kenyan who immigrated to the UK is running a restaurant in North London. The restaurant is named Kenya Kitchen and sells Kenyan foods which are quite rare in the country.

She recently hosted a delegation of Kenyan MPs led by National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula. Wetangula later took to Twitter to talk about their amazing experience and also congratulate Small for her entrepreneurial spirit.

The visit to Kenya Kitchen, a restaurant in North London run by a young Kenyan lady Ms Margret Small, was the highlight of the trip. Her dedication and perseverance in making ends meet despite living far from home inspired us,” the speaker wrote on Twitter.

In this article, WoK tells of how Small weathered the storm and ventured into this business.


Small was brought up in Funyula, Busia County. She relocated to Europe in order to reunite with her dad when she was only 14 years old. The father works as an accountant in UK.

Margaret Small. [Photo| YouTube snapgrab]

She experienced a culture shock and had to quickly adopt. Everything seemed foreign for her, ranging from the transport system, food and even language. The father, Kennedy Bwire enrolled her for an  online language class which boosted her English.

She then went in for secondary school education and thereafter pursued education. However, she had a passion of cooking and would juggle between the two.

Starting an online food venture 

Due to a substantial number of people who have busy schedules in London, Small realized that there was a market niche for selling food online. And she had a plan: mastering a variety of recipes and cooking the most delicious cuisines.

Her expertise would pay handsomely as she created a loyal base of raving fans. She ended up receiving numerous positive feedback and referrals. She once sold her food at an event and the people were impressed.

She used to sell food online, and the demand was growing. In 2019, somebody saw her work and invited her to sell food at an event. The food was sold out. People suggested then that she start selling her food because people love it,” reveals her dad.

Starting her restaurant 
Kenyan Kitchen in Edgware, North London [Photo|Moses Wetangula|Twitter]

Small’s father laid ladder for her daughter when she needed the capital to start her restaurant. He also helped in beating the painstaking process of applying for various licences and certificates.

The 30 year old’s idea was to sell traditional Kenyan foods which were quite unknown in the UK.

I felt that there is a gap in the market for Kenyan food. There were so many cuisines out there that were not Kenyan. Given the fact that we have so many tribes in Kenya and each has its own cuisine, those are the kind of the things I just wanted to tell people our story through food,” she told Chams Media.

Kenyan Kitchen sells ugali, tilapia fish, sukuma wiki, githeri, matoke, viazi karai and nyama choma. Small sources the food from the local market with some of the spices originating from Kenya.

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