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Marya Okoth: Education, Illustrious Career, Motherhood And Marriage To YY

Marya Okoth- is an award winning actress who has won the hearts of many Kenyans with her incredible acting skills. While she is relatively new in the industry, her talent has seen her bag an award. Her dedication and supportive partner will only see her acting career on an upward trajectory. 

Here is her story as told by WoK.

Background and Education 

Born in Homa Bay, she attended local primary school before heading to Butere Girls for high school.

Later, she joined Kenyatta University where she graduated with a Bachelors degree in Interior design in 2022.

 Acting Career 

The mother of one fell in love with acting from a young age. She was part of the school’s drama club and often told her classmates that she would be on TV one day.

Her high school days moulded her into becoming the actor she is today. She credits her director for sharpening her skills. 

“My director taught us that akikupatia role you have to internalize it. So, as a creative it’s so subconscious that we are so conversant. Me socializing with different people helps a lot. So sometimes I try to picture myself to be another person and practice,” she said in a past interview. 

The actress first appeared on YouTube clips done by YY comedian and here she showcased her wonderful acting skills. 

In 2023, she got a role as a receptionist in Eddie Buitita’s film A Nurse Toto. The series was a hit among fans gaining hundreds of thousands of views per episodes. Here, she played Maryann, a pretty receptionist who didn’t bother to be courteous to people visiting the hospital. 

She was also a in YY’s drama called Dinga Ya Wife. 

In the recently concluded Pulse 2023 awards, she won most influential actress and thanked her fans and husband YY.

Relationship and paralysis 

Marya is married to popular comedian YY and the two have a daughter. 

On her YouTube channel, the actress recounted how she ended up paralyzed and in hospital for five months.

She woke up one day and could not feel her left leg. Her husband thought it wasn’t serious at first but she was later taken to the hospital.

It was here that they found out she had a blood clot and ended up going through a lot of treatments. Due to the medicine, she missed a lot of her baby’s milestones and could not breastfeed her. 

“When you have blood clots and they start breaking, they tend to flow to your heart,” she said. 

 Marya Okoth was released from the hospital after five months and is now able to walk.