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Mathias Mumassabba: Kenyan Running Multi-million Businesses In Canada

In a world characterized by rapid globalization, many individuals are compelled to seek opportunities beyond their home countries, in pursuit of greener pastures and better livelihoods.

Kenyans, like many others, are no strangers to this phenomenon, with a growing number opting to explore job prospects in the Middle East, Europe, and North America.

Among these ambitious individuals is Don Mathias Mumassabba, a Kenyan-born entrepreneur who embarked on a transformative journey into entrepreneurship upon moving to Canada.

Here is his story as told by WOK

Cultural Crossroads: Adapting and Overcoming

For Mumassabba, the challenges of establishing a business in Canada were multi-faceted. Cultural differences posed a significant barrier, as understanding and adapting to the nuances of the Canadian business landscape diverged from his Kenyan upbringing.

As he attests, comprehending the Canadian business culture was crucial in bridging the gap between his heritage and the expectations of his new environment.

Building Networks in Uncharted Territories

Another hurdle Mathias Mumassabba encountered was the initial difficulty in establishing a professional network.

“ establishing a network was initially difficult. In a new country, you might not have the same support system or connections that you have back home.” says Mr Mumassabba

According to the entrepreneur, This lack of familiarity can be isolating and challenging.

Challenging Stereotypes Through Expertise

The journey was further complicated by stereotypes and biases he encountered. Being an African immigrant, he had to consistently prove his expertise and worth through hard work and innovation.

Discrimination based on his background was an obstacle he faced head-on.

“In the early days of my career, I faced some instances of discrimination for being an African. Over time, as I continued to establish my businesses and contribute positively to the community, I found that being in a multicultural country like Canada turned out to be an advantage,” Mathias Mumassabba shared.

Navigating Regulatory Terrain and Fierce Competition

Understanding and navigating Canada’s legal and regulatory landscape presented its own set of complexities. Compliance with local laws and regulations was paramount to his business’s integrity.

The competitive nature of the Canadian business world demanded constant innovation and staying abreast of industry trends.

To thrive, the businessman recognized that offering a unique and valuable service to clients was essential for differentiating his business from the competition.

Diversity as an Asset

In a country known for its multiculturalism and diversity, he found a silver lining. Rather than being hindered by his African heritage, he used it as an asset to bridge cultures and provide innovative solutions to a diverse market.

He discovered that Canada’s appreciation for diverse perspectives was an advantage in the globalized economy.

This unique background allowed him to connect with various communities and establish a diverse clientele.

A Legacy of Achievement

Mr. Mumassabba’s journey eventually led him to found Multi-million properties such as  Eminent Media, a successful public relations and communications consulting firm, and EMI Influencers, a digital marketing agency.

The latter employs an AI-powered platform that aids influencers in streamlining their content strategy across various social media platforms.

Through his ventures, Mumassabba’s portfolio includes an array of clientele, from Fortune 500 companies to startups and nonprofit organizations.

He has also overseen events of significant magnitude such as Vigor Awards, the Caribana Festival, Reggae Fest, Wida Fest and Plascon Colour Run and public speaking.

He has also worked with large and small companies such as Microsoft, BELL, 7-Eleven, Canadian Tire, March of Dimes Canada and Enercare.

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