MediaMax Network Limited Shareholders

MediaMax Network Limited Shareholders

The number of niche TV and radio stations have been on upward trajectory since 2016. This has eaten into the market of the leading media houses resulting into the introduction of niche TV stations to counter competition from the mostly emerging small players. Citizen TV, for example, introduced Inooro TV.

Mediamax followed suit with the introduction of Kameme TV. Plans are said to be at advanced stage to add into their growing menu a Kalenjin TV station inorder to remain relevant and profitable.

Mediamax has under its wings the People Daily, K24 TV station, Milele FM, Kameme TV, Kameme FM, Meru FM, Pilipili FM, Mayan FM and Emo FM.

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According to a 2017 findings by GEO Poll, K24 demanded a market share of 4.4 percent emerging position seven in the country. Citizen TV still dominated with a viewership of 33.7%, followed by KTN, KTN News and NTV at 11.1%, 8.8% and 8.5% respectively.

Many view K24 TV to be a mouthpiece of the Jubilee administration and this could probably explain their wanting viewership even with passable programs.

So who are the main shareholders of Mediamax Network limited?

Kenyatta Family

The Kenyattas’ own controlling shares at the media. Speculation is rife that they may have sold some shares to the DP as reports emerged they were interested in scooping shares at NTV and KTN.

William Ruto

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The Deputy President owns a stake in the Media House. He reportedly bought an addition 10% to show his intent on determining the direction of Mediamax. It is not clear if he bought the shares from the Kenyatta’s or Central Kenya investors. Ruto is said to preparing the ground for his 2022 presidential bid and he is well aware of what a friendly media can do to his candidacy.

Central KENYA Investors

This is a group of monied central Kenya elite. The investors are such heavy weights as Equity Bank CEO James Mwangi. Their share of MediaMax is 12%. It is not clear if the group offloaded some or all their shares to the DP.

Did we leave any shareholders out? If you think so hit the comment section with your views an suggestions.

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