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Meet Three Siaya Siblings Who Started Poultry Farming With Ksh 10,000 Capital and Now Own More Than 1000 Chickens

In  Yala, Siaya County, three enterprising siblings, Benjamin Jaoko (39), Samuel Opondo (28), and Keith Odek (24), embarked on a remarkable journey in 2020 that would eventually transform their dreams into a thriving business venture.

With a shared passion for poultry and a mere Ksh10,000 capital, they founded Modern Homestead Poultry Farm, a pioneering initiative that has redefined the local poultry industry landscape.

Their venture primarily focuses on poultry farming, specializing in brooding and supplying chicks at various stages of growth, from one-day-old hatchlings to eight-week-old fledglings.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic posed challenges for many, these siblings saw an opportunity to turn their long-standing dream into reality, marking the inception of their poultry farm.

Choosing to rear Kuroilers, an improved kienyeji variety, the trio set out to provide high-quality chicks to customers across the country.

What sets Modern Homestead Poultry Farm apart is its unique approach to poultry rearing.

Operating primarily as a homestead project, the farm requires limited space, making it accessible to households of all sizes.

Their journey began with the purchase of 50 chicks from a local hatchery in Kisumu.

‘We started with 50 chicks which we bought from a local hatchery in Kisumu. We rear mainly Kuroilers a variety of improved kienyeji,” Mr Jaoko says.

“As the name goes it is a homestead project that needs just a limited space (home). We use Bidco feeds for our poultry. We normally feed them twice a day; that is in the morning and in the evening,” he notes, adding that they purchase poultry feeds from Bidco stockist in Kisumu.

Mr Jaoko says that currently, they have 1,000 birds, but there was a time they had about 1,500.

Modern Homestead Poultry Farm’s success story is not just about rearing poultry; it’s also a tale of innovative marketing strategies.

“We use online marketing platforms and website to get our clients. These incldue Mkulima Young, WhatsApp, Facebook, Jiji, Instagram, Google, among others,” reveals Jaoko.

The farm’s pricing strategy, designed to cater to diverse customer needs, further contributed to its popularity.

“We sell one-day-old chicks at Sh115 each, one-week-old chicks at Sh145, two-week old Sh175, three-week old Sh215,” says Jaoko

They sell four-week old at Sh265, five-week old at Sh285, six-week old Sh315, seven-week old Sh340 and eight-week old Sh365.

While the journey was not without challenges, including pest and disease management, market uncertainties, and rising poultry feed costs, the trio’s dedication and passion for their venture kept them resilient.

They overcame these hurdles, focusing on their mission to provide top-quality poultry and exceptional customer service.

Additionally, Modern Homestead Poultry Farm contributes to sustainable agriculture by repurposing poultry droppings as organic fertilizer.

The surplus manure is sold to other farmers, creating an additional income stream for the farm.

Looking ahead, the trio envisions expanding their business and making a significant impact within their community and beyond.

“We would like to touch the community where we live in, subsequently our country and ultimately the entire world. We will be interacting with other farmers and helping where we can,” says the farmer.