Tony Njoroge Munene: Meet President Uhuru Kenyatta Little Known Best Friend

In life, a majority of the people we consider our closest or best friends can be pooled from individuals we either grew up together, schooled together at one point, or worked together. These are the people you would not shy away from telling your issues or call first when you want to grab a drink or need a favour.

Just like the ordinary member of the public, President Uhuru Kenyatta also enjoys a close circle of friends, some of whom remain relatively unknown to the general public.

Ever wondered, who the head of state calls when he needs to talk banter, discuss issues that are bothering him just for the sake of friendly advice, or reminisce on events? Worry no more because, in this article, WoK profiles one of President Kenyatta’s closest friends, Tony Njoroge Munene.

Introduction By President Uhuru Kenyatta

Tony Njoroge Munene was relatively unknown to Kenyans until President Kenyatta introduced him during the 80th anniversary of St Mary’s School in Nairobi on Friday, 11, 2019.

The event was graced by various leaders among them alumni of the school including Baringo Senator Gideon Moi, Citizen TV journalist Jeff Koinange, Safina Party Presidential candidate Jimmy Wanjigi, among others.

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In his speech, President Kenyatta took Kenyans down memory lane narrating his stay at the famous St Mary’s School. It is then that he introduced Munene to Kenyans, narrating their life-long friendship

The president described Munene as a personal friend.
St Mary’s School
According to the head of state, the two joined St Mary’s at standard 3 and were both admitted to standard 3B. They remained in the same class and were close friends until they sat for their CPE in standard 7.

Interestingly, Munene’s friendship with the head of state went beyond CPE as the two enrolled for Form One in the same class and sat for their O level exams in form four together.

While everybody would expect that he had it easy growing up since he was the son of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, Uhuru recounted the numerous times he was caned while at the school, and in almost every occasion, Munene was also caned alongside him.

President Kenyatta revealed that Munene was in a category of those that were caned the most and he was a close second with three canes fewer than Munene’s.

He joked that in this day and age, learners are lucky they are not canned, a remark that was quickly refuted by the students who indicated that they were still being caned. The head of state recounted that he and Munene were subjected to corporal punishment on countless occasions.

Play Girls in Drama festivals

When Uhuru and Tony were students, St Mary’s School was a boys-only school. They would be forced to act as girls in drama festivals.

President Kenyatta also reminisced about playing rugby for the school team.  Munene was the team’s hooker.

The two were classmates from primary school, O level all the way through A level till they went to study in the United States together. Despite being together almost all their early lives, after college, the two pursued different paths but still maintained a close friendship.

Munene, who is the son of the Late Dr. J.F.C. Munene, is a successful businessman based in Thika. Though little about him and his exploits is known to the public, President Kenyatta did say a lot of great things about him, revealing the extent of the friendship.