Men Who Have Been In Akothee‘s Life

Musician Esther Akoth, otherwise known as Akothee got married on Monday, April 10.

Amid past relationship dramas and a failed marriage, she has not been relentless when it comes to pursuit of love.

In this article, WoK looks at men who have been in Akothee’s life over the past years and her latest lover.

1. Dennis Schweizer

Akothee got married to her lover, Dennis Schweizer alias Omosh on Monday, April 10 at the Windsor Hotel in Nairobi.

The theme of the wedding was a touch of white and gold, complimented by decorations that were perfectly executed, creating an ambience of elegance and luxury.

The two lovebirds met while Akothee was on vacation in Switzerland in July 2022 and got engaged three months later.

“I have tried getting married three times, but it never worked out. I was only once married once to the father of my children. The other two white exes I was with, never married me

“At some point I thought I would get married to the father of my third child, but it turned out to be an extreme sport being with him,” Akothee said at her wedding.

2. Jared Okello

Akothee and Jared Okello divorced after a five-year marriage.

Speaking to Nairobi News, the mother of five noted that she is the one who filed for divorce adding that they were both free to re-marry.

“Divorce papers were filed in 2007. The Decree was NISI. This marriage was therefore dissolved on 22nd until May 2011. Both parties are free to marry whoever they want including a tree,” she said.

Together they have three children, Rue Baby, Vasha and Fridah Makadia.

3. Nelly Oaks

Nelly Oaks was Akothee dated for some time before the musician announced their break up, eliciting mixed reactions.

In July 2022, Akothee announced that she had parted ways with the man who was once her manager, and is now focused on her career and new found happiness.

She said she would take on the new phase of her life like the lioness she is.

“I have walked out of other relationships with different ups & downs so this last one shouldn’t be a shock or a surprise. It’s just a personal decision, I need time to concentrate on my new found happiness with less destruction

“I need to work on myself and my career, I am not ready for any commitment, questions or answers to what transpired just didn’t want to hurt anyone but sorry it is what it is,” Akothee said.

4. Swiss baby daddy

In 2016, Akothee introduced his Swiss baby daddy, further announcing that they were set to get married later that year.

However, the relationship seemed not to work out but they have been raising their son, Oyoo, together despite their break up.

In an interview last year, Akothee disclosed that she met her baby daddy while working as a taxi driver in Mombasa.

The musician noted that he later gifted her a Ksh 45 million house in Nairobi and dedicated it to herself and her children.

5. French baby daddy

Akothee also dated a French man whom together they were blessed with her edest son, Prince Ojwang.

In January 2021, the musician made an update on his Instagram page, wishing her baby daddy a happy birthday and thanked him for his support.

“Papa, may God bless you abundantly as we continue to figure out this co-parenting parade. I know I am a small devil in your eyes, but trust me I am the best partner in crime you ever met,” Akothee wrote.

Akothee had previously disclosed how he had thrown her out while she was 9 months pregnant with their son.

“I have never allowed my challenges cover my beautiful smile, no one knew I was thrown out of Switzerland 9 months pregnant to come back to Africa

“…his exact words ‘go back to Africa I have no time, energy or family to take care of you I am not ready for a family now, you have too many children and a man cannot fall in love at 50.’ These words penetrated deep inside my stomach,” she wrote.