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Multi-Billion Properties And Businesses Left Behind By Former President Moi

List of properties owned by ex-president Moi

Businesses Owned

Trade World Kenya
CFC Bank
CMC Holdings
Hotel intercontinental Nairobi
Sian Roses
Ngata Flower Farm
Bamburi Cement
National Milling Company
Kenya Aerotech Ltd‚ Shareholder and also Nominee Director
Regent Management‚ Not Known
Siginon Freight

Schools and universities

  1. Sacho High School
  2. Moi High School Kabarak
  3. Sunshine Secondary School
  4. Moi Educational Centre
  5. Kabarak University Council
  6. The Moi Africa Institute Kabarnet Gardens, Nairobi


Table of Contents

In the UK

  1. 19 Eaton Park, Cobham, Surrey KT11 2JF valued at around 4.5 million sterling pounds
  2. Flat 11 No. 49, Lowdnes Square, London, valued at 2 million sterling pounds

In Kenya:

  1. Courtyard Property Investment Ltd
  2. Regent Management‚ real estate holdings believed to be about 200 houses in all
  3. Lavington House
  4. Karen Residence
  5. Nakuru Residence
  6. C. Owns several unidentified properties in the United States of America
  7. D. Has property interests in South Africa