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Top 10 Most Expensive Nurseries Schools in Kenya and Their Fees

By Sagini Peter

The few wealthy Kenyans and expatriates will go to any lengths to secure the best education for their children. And public schools are the reserve of the struggling Kenyans as these elite club of rich parents opt for international schools. 

Nursery school, also known as preschool, is the most significant phase of early childhood education. While some people see such fancy  institutions as a waste of money, the wealthy simply want their children to have a first world experience. 

Here are the top 10 expensive nurseries in Kenya

The Banda School

 This International School, which offers the British education system, is located along Magadi Road, opposite Magadi Road in the leafy suburbs of Karen.

The motto for the institution is “Arduus ad Stella” which means striving to the stars is a classical representation of how even the preschool pupils are focused on achieving.  Other than having access to a wide range of extra-curricular activities tools, they are also placed on pastoral care.

Estimate Fee (3 years): Ksh 2.7 Million

German School

Located in Limuru Road, in Gigiri opposite Village Market, German School offers high-quality education for both German and non-German speakers. Things which students get to enjoy include music lessons, library lessons, P.E lessons, swimming and many more.

Estimate Fee (3 years):  Ksh 2.4 Million

Braeburn Garden Estate

Braeburn Garden Estate is located along Garden Estate Road, Nairobi. The school has a wide range of racial diversity among its students. A classically progressive school, classroom time is supplemented with frequent trips abroad to learn more.

Estimated fee (3 years): 2.9 Million

Lycee Denis Diderot

Founded in 1962, Lycee Denis Diderot is the grandmother of all French schools in Kenya. The school is located along Argwings Kodhek Road, Kilimani, Nairobi. It is ranked among the best International French schools in Africa.

Estimated Fee (3 years):  2 Million

Brookhouse International School

This group of schools boosts as one of the prestigious institutions in the country.  Its Karen campus located in a tranquil suburb in Nairobi is one of their largest learning institutions. On extra-curricular activities, Brookhouse school boosts of their on-campus world-class performing arts venue, Burudani Theatre.

Estimate Fee (3 years): 2.7 Million

Nairobi International School

Founded in 2007, Nairobi International School has been an epitome of education ever since its launch. It is located along Maji Mazuri Road, Nairobi. It offers extra-curricular activities, which include horse riding, ballet, and taekwondo.

Estimate Fee (3 years): Ksh 1.4 Million

Braeside School

It is located off Muthangari Road , in Lavington, Nairobi. It offers a British and Wales curriculum-based educational system.

Estimate Fee (3 years): Ksh 1.6 Million

Rusinga Schools

It is located in Lavington, Nairobi.

Estimate Fee (3 years): Ksh 1.4 Million

Hillcrest International School

Located along Langata Road, the school offers a British curriculum-based educational system.

Estimate Fee (3 years): Ksh 2.1 Million

Woodland Star International School

It is located in Limuru, Kenya.

Estimate Fee (3 years): Ksh 1.5 Million