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Mustafa: From Earning Ksh250 To Landing Role In Mother-In-Law, His Career And Personal Journey

In the popular Kenyan TV series “Mother-in-Law,” Mustafa aka Andrew Muthure portrayed the role of a cook. His character fit him perfectly, making him one of the funniest actors on the show.

From his passion for radio and television to his experiences in theatre and his return to the radio, Mustafa’s journey in the entertainment industry is filled with interesting twists and turns.

WoK delves into Mustafa’s life before “Mother-in-Law” and explore what he has been up to recently.

Personal Life

He was born in Kangemi Nairobi and grew up in Kibra Fort Jesus along Karanja road. He is a marketing graduate. Mustafa also mentioned in a past interview that he loves spending time with his wife and family as well as watch movies and taking long drives.

In matters sports, he loves watching rugby and is a fan of Brazil and Spain national football teams.

Pursuing a Degree in Marketing

Despite his passion for radio and television, Mustafa initially pursued a degree in marketing at Africa Nazarene University. With few schools offering communications and theater programs at the time, he chose marketing as the next best creative option.

However, his love for performing arts remained strong since his childhood, participating in church musicals and concerts. He uses his marketing skills as a side hustle as he told TV47 in a past interview.

Life Before Acting Career

Mustafa recently disclosed of the challenges he faced in his formative career years. In an interview with a local radio station, he narrated of how he had tried about 50 auditions before landing his first gig, long before he joined the “Mother-in-Law” cast.

His first paid gig was a role in Warriors of Chachoni in 1999 where he earned Ksh250.

The Radio and Theatre Connection

Mustafa’s journey in the entertainment industry took him through the realms of radio and theater. He worked for a popular radio station and had a special affinity for theater, where he explored various genres, including comedy, thrillers, dramas, and horrors. His love for theater and its influence on his acting career became evident in his performances on TV.

The Role on “Mother-in-Law”

Mustafa joined the cast of the long-running TV series “Mother-in-Law” as a cook. Although he treated it as just another role to play, the character resonated with the audience, and people began associating him with the on-screen persona. Mustafa discusses the joys and challenges of playing the cook and how the public’s perception of him sometimes blurred the line between fiction and reality.

Life Challenges and Setbacks

In 2020, Mustafa faced a challenging time when he lost two jobs and his wife was bedridden during her pregnancy. He opened up about how some friends who he thought would support him were nowhere to be found. Despite these setbacks, Mustafa remained strong for his family, focusing on their well-being and navigating through the difficult times.

Job Loss and Financial Hardships

Mustafa’s world was turned upside down when he lost his job at Hot 96FM. Simultaneously, the budget cuts on the TV show “Mother-in-Law” resulted in a reduction of his episodes, eventually leading to termination. These events left Mustafa grappling with financial difficulties, making it challenging to make ends meet.

Personal Challenges and Medical Expenses

Adding to the burden, Mustafa’s wife faced pregnancy complications and required 24-hour bed rest. Seeking medical treatment and dealing with associated expenses further strained their finances. Mustafa’s unwavering commitment to supporting his family during this difficult time highlights his dedication and love for his loved ones.

Family Support and Landlady’s Understanding

During this challenging period, Mustafa found solace in the support of his family and friends. They provided him with the basic necessities and helped pay his rent. Moreover, his understanding landlady allowed him to pay rent in instalments, alleviating some of the financial burdens. This is according to his story in a past interview with Hiram Maina ‘Kamuhunjia’.

Return to Radio

After a hiatus from the radio, Mustafa announced his comeback on air. He joined Icon Radio, an entertainment-focused station, where he would be hosting the breakfast show and showcasing his passion for Kenyan music from the ’90s and early 2000s.

This new opportunity marked an exciting chapter in his career, and Mustafa expressed his gratitude for the chance to continue doing what he loves.

Acting as a Sustainable Career

In an interview with TV47, Mustafa addressed the notion that acting cannot be a reliable profession in Kenya. While he acknowledges the challenges and the need to live within one’s means, he emphasizes that acting can indeed be a financially rewarding career.

He points out the potential of the Kenyan film industry, citing the success of Nigerian cinema as an example.

Content Creation and Setbacks

In his pursuit of alternative income sources, Mustafa has turned to content creation for online platforms. However, he faced a setback when his filming equipment and laptops were stolen from his home.

Undeterred, he adapted to the circumstances, resorting to shooting and editing content using only his phone. This resilience and resourcefulness are testaments to his determination to provide for his family.

Small-Scale Farming and Seeking Consistent Livelihood

To ensure a more consistent source of livelihood, Mustafa ventured into small-scale farming.

This decision not only provided for his family’s needs but also showcased his versatility and willingness to explore new avenues. Mustafa’s determination to create a stable future for his loved ones is commendable.

Community Engagement and Acts of Kindness

Despite his own challenges, Mustafa displayed compassion and selflessness by joining an initiative to raise funds for Baby Neillah, a young girl diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Through his involvement, he encouraged others to contribute and played a part in making a difference.

Coping with Personal Loss

In the midst of his struggles, Mustafa faced the devastating loss of his mother. He expressed his grief and shared heartfelt eulogies, emphasizing the profound impact his mother had on his life and career. The support and condolences from friends and fans during this difficult time were a testament to the impact he has made through his work.