Nairobi Routes Where Majority Of Matatu Owners Are Kisiis And SACCOs They Control

Nairobi Routes Where Majority Of Matatu Owners Are Kisiis And SACCOs They Control
Matatus Picking Passengers At Bus Station In Nairobi Photo/Courtesy

Matatus SACCOs where majority of the matatus are owned by Kisii

The routes preferred by Kisii matatu owners

Kenyans are an industrious a lot. They hustle hard, the many business hurdles thrown their way notwithstanding. And one business in particular that demands balls of steel is the commuter transport venture. Traffic police officers are sharks on the road; they will demand a toll for every trip a matatu (referring to the 14 seater public service vehicles-PSVs-and the 32 PSVs)-make.

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Then you have to contend with the manambas (touts) and young men who collect illegal taxes from matatus on the stage (bus stop) they man. Woe unto you if you fail to pay these extortionists.

But these shenanigans has not dampened the entrepreneurial spirit of Kenyans, moreso those who hail from Kisii. Yes, Kisiis are taking over the transport industry-initially controlled by Kikuyus. And they seem to prefer certain routes over others.

We take a look at the routes preferred by Kisiis and the SACCOs they dominate.

Popular routes with Kisii owned matatus
Ongata Rongai
Imara Daima
Hurligham-along Kangundo road
New route-Malaa-Joska-Nairobi route

Matatu SACCOS dominated by Kisii matatus
Embassava Sacco
Tawala Sacco
Kenya Bus Service

Then we have those old jalopies plying the bypass-Cabanas route. It will take a miracle for those ramshackle 14 seater matatus to survive the re-introduced Michuki rules.

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How do you tell a matatu is owned by a Kisii?
Straight forward; the driver and his tout will communicate animatedly-and at the top of their voices-in Kisii. Again, the matatus owned by ‘Mogakas’ are not ‘pimped’. No graffiti; no loud music and the extras that attract the young clientele. Their matatus are a blunt affair that attracts the older or commuters who just want to get home in one piece.

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