Charles Njonjo Biography, Education, Family, The Multi-Billion Property He Owns & Death

Charles Njonjo Net Worth And The Multi-Billion Property He Owns
Former Attorney General Charles Njonjo Photo/Courtesy


Charles Njonjo was the first attorney general of Kenya who passed away on January 2,2022 aged 101 years at his home in Muthaiga, Nairobi. 

He was cremated on the same day at the Kariokor Hindu Crematorium.

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Here is the story of AG Charles Njonjo as told by WoK writer in 2018. 

Former Attorney General of Kenya Charles Njonjo, also known as ‘The Duke of Kabeteshire”, was a man of means. Charles Njonjo net worth placed him in the league of the few dollar millionaires in Kenya. His rise to the top was ofcourse expected. His father Josiah Njonjo, a paramount chief, was a collaborator of the British rule in Kenya.
This obviously gave young Njonjo a privileged lifestyle. His father working for the colonial masters gave his son a life the natives could only dream off. The unapologetic Njonjo rode to school on a horse, a servant on toe whilst Kenyans suffered the indignity of being subjugated in their own land.


Njonjo joined Fort Hare University in South Africa after completing his studies at Alliance High School in Kikuyu. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Law and later enrolled at Lincoln’s Inn in the United Kingdom. He was employed as a legal clerk in 1955 by the colonial government. The diligence he showed in serving his white masters-whose atrocities targeting Mau Mau freedom fighters are well documented-was enough to make him considered for the position of Attorney General in independent Kenya.

As the head of judiciary, he did not attempt to right the wrongs meted by the colonialists on Kenyans and Africans by extension. As a matter of fact, Njonjo did not oppose the cutting of ties with repressive white ruled regimes in Rhodesia –now renamed Independent Republic of Zimbabwe, apartheid South Africa and Portuguese Mozambique.

His political shrewdness saw him survive post Kenyatta regime. He played a key role in ensuring retired President Daniel arap Moi ascended to power after the demise of founding father mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

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After serving as AG for 17 years, Njonjo made his debut in parliament in 1980 aged 60 years. Moi went on to appoint the Kikuyu MP as the minister for home and constitutional affairs in June 1980.

In an interview with Business Daily writer Jackson Biko, the former AG said of his reign:

You know, I miss the discipline of that time. I miss the power I had, power that I could use for the common good. I miss the nation that we had then, a strong nation. There is nothing that went on that we didn’t know about; we had the proverbial long arm of the law.

We were always two steps ahead, we knew what conversation you had in your house the previous night. What happened in Garissa recently would never have happened because we had total control of security.

Born on 23 January 1920, the 97 year old is still a force to reckon with. The wealthy politician, together with the late Kenneth Matiba and John Michuki bought an aircraft with plans of starting their own airline in 1967. At the time, the British made aircraft was going for 65,000 sterling pounds (or kes9.2 million at current rates). That was a lot of money back then. The venture came tumbling after politics of the East African region interfered with the noble idea.

Here is a lift of property owned by Charles Njonjo

Sankara Hotel
This five star hotel is located in Kenya capital Nairobi. Njonjo has substantial shares in the hotel through Grenadier Limited. Charles Njonjo chairs the Sankara Hotel Group.
Granadier Ltd has vast interest in hospitality, lottery and real estate.

Estate in Runda
After protest by Runda residents and danger of the project coming a cropper, the courts allowed the former AG to build his kes1 billion mall in the estate. Njonjo has partnered with billionaire Baloobhai Patel for the project that will be undertaken by Grenadier subsidiary-The Grove Limited. The mall consists of a building block, hotel and shopping centre with a parking of over 700 cars.

He was the chairman of CMC for 40 years. The nonagenarian sold his 1.32 per cent stake at CMC motors for Sh10.1 million.

CFC Holdings
Njonjo alongside former President Moi and Jeremiah Kiereini bought substantial stake at CFC Holdings which owns CFC Banks and CFC Insurance in the 1980’s. It’s not clear if Njonjo has sold his shares but their investment vehicle-Africa Liaison & Consultant Services (Alico)-which held 10.2 per cent stake (or 40.4 million shares), disappeared from the list of the top 10 shareholders suggesting that they may have liquidated their shares.

Nairobi College House
Kolobot Gardens
Norfolk Towers
The above three are under Heri Holdings.

Charles Njonjo Net worth
His net worth is above kes7 billion.

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