Nana Owiti Biography, Early Life, Education, Career, Dumping Husband, Marriage & Being Abused

Nana Owiti Biography, Early Life, Education, Career, Dumping Husband, Marriage & Being Abused
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By Prudence Minayo

Nini Owiti, popularly known as Nana Owiti, is a presenter on Switch TV and runs her own YouTube channel. The channel that boasts over 25,000 subscribers has a segment dubbed Parenting 101 where she delves on family matters. She is married to celebrated rapper King Kaka, real name Kennedy Ombima. 

Early Life

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The gorgeous TV siren was brought up by her grandparents and relatives. Her mother gave birth to her while she was still a teenager. She was brought up in the village and would only visit her mother during school holidays. Her mother worked as a police officer and they were not very close. 

She mother passed on while she was still young and was left with the responsibility of taking care  of her younger sister. She doesn’t know her biological father. 


Nana attended Matungulu Girls High School and then proceeded to Kenya Polytechnic, now referred to as Technical University of Kenya. She then proceeded to Vision Institute of Professional Studies to do CPA. 


Having lost both her parents, she had to learn to take care of herself. She has worked at a couple of jobs including as a lands sale person in Kitengela.

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She then joined Switch TV. When she was told about the opening at the station, Nana did not think it would suit her having never been in the media before. However, after sleeping on it, she gave it a chance. At first, she worked as a guest host for two weeks before she was finally offered the job. She currently co-hosts Chatspot.


The media personality is married to King Kaka. They met in 2011 when she went to buy perfume in a shop at Imenti house, Nairobi. The artist proposed to her in 2018 during the launch of his album. They have two children together and King Kaka has a daughter from an affair with Sage. Recently, King Kaka came out not looking his usual self as he was suffering from an illness. He credited his wife with being there for him and supporting him all through the journey. 

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Supporting Her Husband

King Kaka praised Nana for taking care of him when he was sick. The rapper, who lost over 30 kgs, took to social media to reveal the extent to which Nana went to ensure his health was restored. 

“Let me count my blessings. The last three months have been nothing short but terrifying [sic]. This lady here @nanaowiti has shown and proven what a wife and a best friend is.

“From kulala kwa couch ya hospitali next to my bed then you wake up shower in the same hospital, go and smile kwa TV like everything is okay to fighting with Nurses on why they are ‘slow’,”

“I am currently walking on that road to recovery but I pray that God guides you (Nana) and grants you all your hearts’ wishes & desires.

“Just learnt the new meaning of the word ‘Partner’ in a relationship. Be blessed and Asante Nana,” The Wajinga Nini artist shared. 

Forgiving King Kaka After He Cheating on her

The media personality revealed to Radio Jambo Japanni Massawe that her marriage nearly crumbled when she learnt King Kaka had cheated on her with Sage. At the time she was pregnant with their first child, Sage Chemtai was expecting the artist’s child. 

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“It was painful to learn of the news, of course. It was almost like an ultimate betrayal. We actually broke up for seven months before getting back together,” she told Massawe.

“The only reason I stayed (in the relationship) after what he did, is because of what transpired after. He said sorry. We are all at fault. We all have baggage which vary from one person to another, his mistake was cheating on me.  I had my faults too. I came to him carrying my baggage as well,” Nana added.

Sexual Molestation

A few months ago, Nana opened up about being molested by an uncle. Every time she’d visit her mother, the uncle would abuse her sexually. Her mother would sleep in the bedroom while she would sleep in the living room with the said uncle. On one occasion, she tried to tell her mother what was happening, she did not understand and didn’t investigate further. 

She grew up with the pain of being unable to tell anyone including her husband since she thought of herself as damaged goods. One day, she got the courage to open up to him and as shocked as he was he supported her, telling her to get therapy. She also opened up to an aunt she was close to but the aunt seemed not to want to engage in the conversation after the initial shock.

Nana revealed this on her YouTube channel while having an interview with singer Wahu Kagwi who had also been molested by a relative at a young age. Their confessions spurred a very lengthy and also emotional discussion in the comment section with various people saying they have been through similar situations but didn’t have the courage to speak up.

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