Nazlin Umar: Former Presidential Candidate Who Sued Billionaire Ex-Lover For Ksh200 Million Dowry Promise

Nazlin Umar is a former Kenyan presidential candidate, who is also the founder and National Chairperson of the National Muslim Council of Kenya (NMCK). She is also the the founder and leader of the National Muslim Women’s Network in Kenya (NUR).

She was the sole female presidential candidate in the hotel contested December 2007 General Election. She subsequently attempted a stab at the presidency in 2013 on an independent ticket but was barred from contesting.

Nazlin is is an internationally renowed Women’s rights, Peace, Gender, HIV/AIDS, Human rights, Culture, Political affairs, Leadership, women in leadership and governance and Good Governance advisor. She has been across the world representing the global female population, the global oppressed, needy and downtrodden peoples, Islam and the Muslim population in International fora as a speaker and consultant on her rainbow of activities.

In this article, WoK takes a look at the life and career of arguably one of the most globally profiled Muslim women in the world.

Aside from the impressive political and international activism resume, Nazlin has had her fair share of public controversies.

Nazlin Umar: Former Presidential Candidate Who Sued Billionaire Ex-Lover For Ksh200 Million Dowry Promise
File image of former presidential candidate Nazlin Umar. |Courtesy| Nazlin Umar|

Ksh200 Million dowry law suit

Nazlin was married to billionaire businessman Madatali Chatur who owns Muthaiga Shopping Mall, ABC Place, and Diamond Plaza in Nairobi.

In their 2011 matrimonial case, the former presidential candidate told the court that the businessman had promised to pay Ksh200 million and a Mercedes Benz as dowry. She asked the court to compel Chatur to pay her, arguing that he took over all her liabilities when he married her.

She accused Chatur of failing to provide her with love, care and support, and in the case, she laid claim to some of the properties owned by the businessman, including the malls.

Chatur denied the accusations, claiming that the demands were meant to malign him in public. The case was last heard of in 2014 when he was summoned to appear at the High Court Family Division for cross-examination on his affidavits before the case fizzled out.

Political Career

Nazlin is a vocal advocate for good leadership and governance, virtues she notes fueld her quest for the presidency.

She was in the frontline of the opposition leading up to both the 2005 referendum and the one in 2010 that led to the birth of the new Constitution. The Iron Lady also vocally opposed the coalition government that ruled between 2008 and 2012.

Nazlin contested the presidency in 2007 on a Workers Congress Party of Kenya. She came in sixth behind late President Mwai Kibaki, ODM leader Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka, Joseph Karani and Pastor Pius Muiru, garnering 8,624 votes.

She made an attempt in 2013 but was barred for failing to secure a certificate of good conduct from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI). In 2017, her name was missing from the list of voters, so the IEBC did not clear her for the presidential race, cutting short her bid.

Nazlin again made an attempt in 2022 but was barred from contesting for not meeting the minimum requirements.

Umar is a frontline reformist and revolutionist in Socio-Political, Socio-Economic, Pro-Democracy, women in leadership and governance, Anti-Corruption, good-governance and a Public Spirited Public Driven Constitutional and Law-making Dispensation.

International resume

Popularly known as the “Iron Lady”, Nazlin is an internationally recognized speaker and advisor to countries and global projects on world peace, inter-denominational co-existence and harmony and conflict resolution, peace building and inter-community harmony and grassroots development.

Nazlin is also a globally acclaimed advisor on good governance and anti-corruption, gender and related issues, women’s rights, Islam, HIV/AIDS, policy making and policy implementation, strategic planning and national development, human rights, truth, justice, reconciliation and democracy Platforms.

The former presidential candidate was among the a consortium of world interfaith leaders in the dialogue to foster peace in the Middle East between Palestine and Israel held in Seville Spain. The meeting was hosted by the King of Spain, His majesty the Royal Highness Carlos the 2nd.

She also graced the second world congress for rabbis and Imams. She is an internationally acclaimed lead Female Islamic Scholar and Muslim Leader.

Awards and Recognitions

Nazlin was nominated for the World Woman of the Year 2006, A. B. I. in the US, and subsequently nominated for the same award in 2007.

She is a nominated Gold Medalist Award for Kenya 2009, A. B. I., US. She was also nominated for the Eve Woman of the Year award in 2005, Kenya.