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Nga’nga’lito: Profile Of The Biggest Star From Nakuru And What He Has Been Upto

Benard Ng’ang’a, popularly known as Nga’nga’lito came into the limelight after participating in the popular singing competition Tusker Project Fame (TPF).

Although he did not win, he stuck in the minds of many thanks to his electrified performances and sweet melody.

Years down the line, Nga’nga’lito seemed to have drifted off the music scene and engaged in other things outside the entertainment industry.

Here is his story as told by WoK.

Nga’nga’lito who discovered his singing talent while in high school born and bred in Lanet, Nakuru County.

Before joining Tusker Project Fame, media reports show that he worked as a construction worker, and later as a mechanic.

Although he did not win the Ksh 5 million reward, Nga’nga’lito clarified that he was not bitter about the loss.

“Of course I’m not everyone’s favourite, I can’t win every competition. That was it but to the winner, I would urge him to spend the money wisely because if he doesn’t have wisdom, the money is very little,” he said.

Speaking in a past interview on Citizen TV, his father, David Maranda, noted that they were sure of their son’s success at the contest.

“We had people who encouraged us while others said mean stuff but we were praying for him because we know how the world is,” he said.

Nga’nga’lito’s mother, Nelly Wambui, held the same opinion.

“There are people who really annoyed me and said bad things about him; this includes his peers, my fellow women and even older men. It was a heartbreaking experience,” she said while fighting back tears.

Following his elimination from the singing competition, Nga’nga’lito released an album, Zawadi, among other projects before going silent.

He also worked in the media industry.

“I’m the assistant producer of a breakfast show at a local TV station and also a businessman. Apart from music and work, my family also takes a considerable amount of my time,” he told Nairobi News.

In the 2013 interview, Nga’nga’lito also revealed that he had invested in entertainment joints in different parts of the country.

“Well, I own pubs in Nairobi and Nakuru,  including one called ‘Karma’ in Ongata Rongai. I also have land in Nakuru that I sometimes farm. It is not like I have big investments everywhere in Kenya, I am still a hustler like everyone else,” he said.

A report on Opera News also indicated that he runs a beauty parlour in Dagoretti Corner within Nairobi County.

Elsewhere, Nga’nga’lito is married with one daughter.

“I have really tried to keep my private life as secret as I can but ladies need to know that I’m now married to the girl I had been dating since Form Two and we have a daughter,” he said.