Levi Kones: Media Personality Who Went From Paying Ksh800k Monthly Rent To Living In Abject Poverty And How He Bounced Back

In the words of the Chinese philosopher Confucius, our greatest glory is not in failing, but in rising every time we fail. This adage perfectly encapsulates the remarkable life story of Levi Kones, a multi-talented Kenyan TV host, producer, emcee, and author. From experiencing the pinnacle of success in the United States to facing destitution back home after he was deported, Kones’s journey is one of resilience, redemption, and finding purpose amidst adversity. 

In this article, WoK delves into the captivating story of Levi Kones and how he overcame tremendous challenges.

His Rebellious Early Days and a Strained Family Relationship

Born and bred in Eldoret, Levi Kones painted a picture of his rebellious nature throughout his childhood. This stemmed from the rocky relationship with his father, Sammy Chemwey, who raised his children in a strict environment. 

Levi’s rebelliousness escalated during high school, leading to a major division between him and his father. Despite the strained relationship, Levi acknowledges his father’s role in his education and upbringing, realizing that his impact worked as a double-edged sword.

A Promising Opportunity in the United States

After this turbulent episode in his life, the KASS FM producer received a new lease of life when his student visa application was accepted to study Sports Medicine in the USA. Eager to make the most of this opportunity, he took on various jobs, including working as a territory sales manager at a global company. 

Levi’s career flourished, and he enjoyed the perks of success, including a hefty salary, allowances, and a luxurious lifestyle. At one point, he even paid a staggering Ksh800,000 in monthly rent.

The Allure of Opulence and the Downward Spiral

Enticed by his newfound success, Levi Kones sought to life in opulence. From purchasing a brand new BMW to renting a lavish condo, he indulged in a life of extravagance. 

However, the allure of luxury led him astray, as he neglected his work responsibilities and engaged in reckless behavior. The consequences of his choices soon caught up with him, leaving him in a precarious situation.

Deportation and Starting Over

Levi’s opulent lifestyle came crashing down when his employer asked for proof of his American citizenship. Fearing legal repercussions, he resigned from his job and moved to Chicago. 

Little did he know that this would mark the start of a series of events that led to his arrest and subsequent deportation to Kenya. Arriving in his homeland with nothing but a few pennies, Levi found himself at rock bottom.

Despite his hardships, Levi Kones managed to find redemption and purpose in his life. Through introspection and self-reflection, he realized the importance of learning from past mistakes and taking responsibility for his actions. 

His transformative journey taught him valuable life lessons, which he now shares through his writings, media work, and motivational speeches. He serves as an inspiration for others, showing that it is possible to rise above adversity and create a positive impact in the world.

Battling Cancer and Finding Strength in Love and Support

In addition to his struggles, he faced another significant challenge when he was diagnosed with colon cancer. Supported by his loving wife, Eunice, he fought against the disease with unwavering determination. 

Together, they navigated the difficult journey of cancer treatment, relying on each other for strength and resilience. Levi’s experience with cancer further reinforced his resolve to live a purposeful life and make a difference.


Through his various setbacks and challenges, Kones has emerged as a source of inspiration and motivation for others. His story serves as a reminder that success is not measured solely by material wealth but by the ability to rise above adversity, learn from past mistakes, and find purpose in one’s life.

Levi Kones continues to inspire through his writings, media work, and his unwavering determination to make a positive impact in the world.