Chris Mureithi: Ex-Safaricom Employee Who Quit Job To Become A Motivational Speaker

Chris Mureithi is an award-winning human capacity development expert and one of Kenya’s most renowned motivational speakers. With a focus on leadership, growth, change, and transformation, Mureithi has dedicated his career to helping individuals and organizations unlock their full potential. Through training programs, speeches, mentorship, and writing, he has made a significant impact in empowering individuals and maximizing the capabilities of teams.

Here is his interesting journey as told by WoK.


Mureithi’s journey towards becoming a motivational speaker began with a solid educational foundation. He pursued a Bachelor of Business Management degree, specializing in Marketing, at Masinde Muliro University from 2008 to 2012 and a Masters of science in Marketing from the University of Nairobi.

During his undergraduate years, Mureithi not only excelled academically but also showcased exceptional leadership skills.

He served as the president of the marketing students association, class representative, karate captain, and electoral commissioner for university student elections. His active involvement in extracurricular activities demonstrated his ability to lead and inspire others.


administrative services officer at the  between

He went on to work at the Ministry of Energy from May 2011 to August 2011 in the procurement department, gaining valuable experience in governmental administrative functions.

The renowned motivational speaker started his professional journey at Safaricom PLC, where he worked as a Sales Executive from May 2012 to November 2012. His role in sales and marketing contributed significantly to the telcos growth and success. 

On Being Chairman of People Survey Committee at Safaricom

It was during his time as the Chairman of the People Survey Committee within Safaricom’s Enterprise Business Unit that Mureithi experienced a pivotal moment in his career. In this role, he was entrusted with the responsibility of bridging the gap between top leadership and employees by addressing challenges identified through employee surveys. 

Mureithi spearheaded various initiatives, including grievance resolution mechanisms, change management strategies, talent development programs, and clear job descriptions. His efforts aimed to create a more engaging and productive work environment within Safaricom.

On Him Resigning From Safaricom

After making significant contributions to Safaricom and gaining invaluable experience, Chris Mureithi made the difficult decision to leave the company and pursue his passion for motivational speaking.

Despite the challenges that accompanied his departure, Mureithi knew that he had a larger calling to inspire and empower individuals on a broader scale. 

This turning point marked a pivotal moment in his career, as he embarked on a new journey to establish himself as a prominent motivational speaker in Kenya.

Although leaving Safaricom was a leap of faith, it ultimately opened doors for Mureithi to make a more profound impact on individuals and organizations seeking personal and professional growth.

Venturing into Motivational Speaking

After leaving Safaricom, Mureithi founded Premiere Group Ltd, where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer.  Mureithi’s decision to focus on motivational speaking allowed him to share his expertise, insights, and experiences with a broader audience.

In 2019, he joined FasterCapital as a mentor.

His Journey With Ronald Osumba

As he ventured into this exciting field, he had the invaluable opportunity to tag along with his mentor, Ronald Osumba, a renowned figure in public speaking and leadership. Mureithi had the privilege of curtain raising for Osumba during his speaking engagements, which allowed him to showcase his own skills and learn from one of the industry’s best.

Ronald Osumba, is also a prominent figure in Kenyan politics who gained recognition as he vied for the position of Deputy President in the March 2013 Kenyan Presidential election on a Kenya National Congress ticket, serving as the running mate to Peter Kenneth.

Recognitions and Accomplishments

He was honored as one of Kenya’s Top 40 Under 40 achievers, acknowledging his outstanding abilities and impact in his field. In addition to his speaking engagements, Mureithi is also an accomplished author. 

He has written several books, including “What Makes You Special: A Guide to Personal Branding,” showcasing his expertise in personal development, branding, and leadership.