Nicholas Kioko: From Begging For Lifts To Owning His Car

Popular content creator Nicholas Kioko has narrated the struggles that he went through in the line of his work before he acquired a car.

The lad runs a YouTube channel where he interviews celebrities and other people of interest, and he also appears on his girlfriend, Ashley Wambo’s channel.

In an interview with 2Mbili, Kioko said he used to move around the city using public means while looking for content.

“I’ve survived a year and a half while doing content creation without a car. I used to move around using matatus but God came through and I’m grateful,” he said.

Kioko added that he would also use other content creators’ cars to move around especially when they had interviews at common places.

“There’s no content creator that I’ve not been inside their cars, any content creator that you know of, I’ve been in their cars. It was hard now that I was looking for a car although I didn’t have enough money,” he said.

After saving for a year, Kioko managed to acquire a Nissan Note car which he says he got for less than KSh 600,000 from a local dealer.

“This car was an option, I wanted an Auris but I had this in mind as an option; I failed to raise enough money for the Auris so I opted to take this. It’s serving me well, fuel consumption is okay, it has a lot of power and it performs well,” he said.

In an interview in April, Kioko opened up about his painful past and hustles that he was engaged in before fame.

He revealed that he worked as a beautician; applying nail polish and piercing ears, adding that no one really cared about him.

Kioko worked as a hawker for three years until 2021 when his stars aligned and he rose to stardom.

“There was a time no one used to care, but I kept working hard and praying a lot, waking up at am to apply nail polish in Western vehicles and also to pierce their ears

“Passengers used to tell me that I don’t have a life. I almost gave up but who is God. Special thanks to my mom who kept on motivating me,” he said.

Kioko’s breakthrough moment came after uploading a video of Lulu Hassan’s interview with Onsongo comedy which garnered over 1 million views.

With his consistency, resilience and hard work, he is now among the top Kenyan content creators boasting over 300,000 YouTube subscribers and 36.6 million views.