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Papa Oyoo Biography, Real Name, How He Met Akothee, Proposal, Ksh45 Million House & Current Relationship

Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee is the self-declared president of the single mothers in the country. She has long embraced her status as a single mother and raised her children well.

The flamboyant musician is never shy about sharing the ups and downs of her life with her fans, taking them through a journey of her life’s misgivings and fortunes on social media.

She recently welcomed Dominic Decherf, the father of her two boys back to the country and took him on a trip to her rural home of Rongo to see her parents for the first time in eight years.

Akothee, Papa Oyoo and their son. |Photo| Courtesy|

Papa Oyoo as she often refers to him, jetted into the country on Thursday last week with the boys.

Taking to social media, Akothee stated that he is the man that made her the queen she is today. She conceded that her life  would have taken a different turn had he not come into it.

She celebrated him for always pushing her to become and achieve whatever she wants in life.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup, respect and love those who loved & collected you when you were nothing. This man made the queen you see today…he gave me a platform to realize my potential,” she wrote.

Akothee, Papa Oyoo. |Photo| Courtesy|

How they met

Papa Oyoo is from Zurich, Switzerland and Akothee has often conceded he is her favourite baby daddy.

The two met in Mombasa in 2006 when Akothee was a taxi driver, she was a mother of three at the time.

Akothee says that the men that came into her life before only wanted to use her, were it not for Papa Oyoo. The men saw her and her three children as baggage.

“If it were not for you collecting me with my children that most men say is baggage, I think men would have eaten me, taken advantage of me, and mess me more,” she wrote.

Proposal & Ksh45 Million House

Papa Oyoo went down on one knee to propose to Akothee on his birthday, September 17, 2009.

On the same day, he bought her a KSh45 million house in Shanzu, Mombasa for her and her family to live in.

“It was on a day like this on September 17, 2009, on your birthday, that you proposed me and bought me a house behind the then Nakumatt @ KSh 45M. The Mzungu who was selling the house to us thought I was naive and he could steal from us. You loved the home so much that you did not want to let go, the Mzungu still wanted to keep his bedroom upstairs for his holidays,” Akothee wrote on her Instagram on September 17, 2019.


Akothee revealed on Thursday last week, that he was the first person to book her a business class flight and took her on a trip to Djibouti. In return, she flew him on a business class flight to meet her parents.

“The first man in my life to ever book for me business class to Djibouti back 2009. Today I’m flying you business class too to my village to go see my parents, they have been asking about you and the kids. My dad will be over the Moon to see you after 8 years,” she wrote.

Current Relationship

The two parted ways years ago, but have maintained a good relationship with each other. Papa Oyoo lives with their two sons in Switzerland.

He has always been supportive of her and is proud of the woman she has become.

“He is proud of the woman I have become (that has always been his wish),” Akothee wrote.