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Parastatal Job: Bob Collymore New Salary And Allowances

Social media users expressed their displeasure when Safaricom chief executive officer Bob Collymore was appointed as a member of the National Cancer Institute board. Part of the Gazette notice dated May 6 by Health Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki read in part: “In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 6 (2) of the Cancer Prevention and Control Act (2012), the Cabinet Secretary appoints David Makumi, Mercy Oburu, Bob Collymore and Evangeline Njiru.

The CEO’s tenure at the most profitable telcos in the region comes to an end in August and won’t be renewed over health concerns. In 2017, Collymore took a nine months break to receive cancer treatment in England. A section of Kenyans raised a brouhaha why the telcos boss got the appointment when millions of their lot could do the same job.

So how much will Collymore be paid in salary and allowances?
The Safaricom CEO most probably accepted the appointment just to give back to the society and not for the pay. Here is a rough estimate of what Collymore will receive as a retainer and allowances that come with his appointment.

As a board member, Collymore will pocket between kes80,000 to kes100,000 as honorarium and a further kes20,000 in sitting allowance. The board members may be entitled to upto kes100,000 per month as a retainer.

Other allowances include:
Accommodation: kes18,200
Airtime: kes5,000
unch: kes2,000 per day
Personal accident insurance cover
Medical expenses Next