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Sonko Net Worth And Properties He Owns

Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko and controversy seems to be joined at the hip. His style of the running the affairs of the county is at best unorthodox. This so much got into the nerves of the Polycarp Igathe that he threw in the towel as the Nairobi deputy governor. And that’s not the end of it. Those working under Sonko paint him as a difficult man to work with. Then he has the small problem of partaking alcohol in between meetings, atleast according to a damning report on the Daily Nation.

In the article titled “The madhouse that is Sonko’s City Hall office”, Sonko is portrayed as a man who functions under the influence alcohol. Part of the article reads:

From 10 am, most of his meetings are punctuated with glasses of Cognac, his favourite brand. And, being a master of camouflage, next to the glass is always a package of apple juice. You can hardly tell he is in fact enjoying his whisky unless you’re an insider.

“When you take, say, 10 issues to him, by the time you are on the third item, he has lost concentration. He will begin checking his WhatsApp messages or log into Facebook for updates on things that are trending. And all his handlers know this. The moment you see that happen, you will be wasting your time if you continue talking to him,” …

“He has no regard for procedure, process or protocol. He does what he wants, when he wants, how he wants it and with whom he wants it…”
His confidence “increases and the tone changes once he has taken considerable amounts of the drink,” a source is quoted by the publication. Probably this is what Mr Igathe, a man of processes and procedures, found unprofessional and called it quits.

Social Media Governor
The Governor spends considerable amount of time on social media platforms. Recently, Sonko was on Facebook video dishing out money to whoever had issues that needed immediate redress. The good governor was chewing khat as he engaged social media users. This is the kind of habit you expect from Sonko.

Property He Owns
His source of wealth has always been a bone of contention and his attempts to sanitize how he got it has always been met with a pinch of salt. In an interview on Press Pass, the Nairobi Governor said he made his first million when he was a Form three student and went on to list the following as his properties.

Four storey buildings-Kwale
Properties in Lamu and Vanga
1000 properties across the country
Over 150 cars
Businesses in Buru Buru (some of these business are no longer in operation)
Video library, cyber café, spare parts shop, boutique, barber shops, coco beach bar
According to flamboyant county boss, he made up to kes4million in his bar during weekends. The likes of Ali Kiba, Z Anto, Matonya, Ken Wa Maria are some of the artists who performed in the Coco Beach bar.

Matatu Business
He had ten matatus plying the Nairobi-Buru Buru route. He told NTV Ken Mijungu that he made kes40,000 per matatu, which translates to kes400,000 per day.
Mua Hills
Beach Plots-4 beach ploys including Shelly beach (5 acres)
300 acres in Kajiado
25 acres-Kwale along the main road

Mike Sonko Net Worth
In an interview that Sonko asked and answered his own questions while the host looked totally out of place, the city boss put his net worth at more than the annual budget of Nairobi. This means that the governor has a net worth of more than Kes32 billion. He said that his fixed deposit accounts have close to $5 million.

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