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Prince Indah Reveals the Highest Amount Received While Performing at Local Clubs

Prince Indah, born Evans Ochieng Owino, has seen a significant rise in his music career over the past three years.

Recently, he revealed the highest amount he has earned for a live performance.

Speaking on the Oga Obinna Show on Monday, June 3, 2024, Indah, who recently won the Male Artist of the Year award, disclosed that the highest amount he has ever received for a stage performance was $4,000.

He recounted that the generous sum came from a Luo man based in the United States who was captivated by his dancing skills and powerful voice.

“There was a guy who came up to me while I was performing and he started giving me dollars, and he ended up giving me about $4,000,” Prince Indah recalled.

When asked how he determines if a song he releases will be a hit, Prince Indah said  that it all entails a team work process from one person to the other.

“Normally, it’s not always a one-man show. You have to have people around you who you consult so that you know if you are heading in the right direction,” he said.

He added that one of his hit songs, “Osipe,” has performed exceptionally well, and he applauded his fans for their tremendous support.

Prince Indah’s rise to prominence  in 2014 under the mentorship of his uncle, Emma Jalamo, a seasoned musician who has been a dominant figure in the industry for years.

Throughout his career, the Mama Watoto hitmaker has released several hit songs, including “Osipe,” “Mashabiki,” “Ogada Member,” and “Adhiambo,” the latter a collaboration with renowned artist Kelvin Kioko, popularly known as Bahati.

His latest hit, “Nyar Jaduong,” has amassed over 3 million views on YouTube.

Prince Indah claimed it was the most expensive project he ever undertook, with recording and production costs reaching up to Ksh 3 million.

“It’s a very serious project. I am certain the song will take over the airwaves. The kind of video and song we will release, I don’t think any Kenyan artist has ever done what we have. And this is not clout chasing; no Kenyan artist has put a huge investment in a video project like this. The entire project cost me at minimum Sh2.5 million, and if we add the miscellaneous costs, it would hit Sh3 million. So far, this is the most expensive project in my catalogue,” Indah said before releasing the song.