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HomenewsRex Masai Died After Excessive Bleeding From Gunshot

Rex Masai Died After Excessive Bleeding From Gunshot

Rex Masai
Rex Masai was allegedly shot by a police officer during the Occupy Parliament protests in Nairobi CBD.

The postmortem results for Rex Masai, the man shot and killed during protests have been released.

The autopsy, conducted by a family pathologist and his government counterpart at City Mortuary indicated that Rex died from excessive bleeding.

He also had muscle fractures caused by a gunshot wound on his left thigh.

According to the report, the bullet entered from the back.

The death of Rex Masai has angered Kenyans who are now demanding justice and the arrest of the alleged police officer who shot him.

Rex’s mother on Friday, June 21 told journalists that her 29-year-old son was from work and in the company of a friend.


The mother revealed that her son and his friend were in the CBD to run errands.



Rex was standing near the archives when a tear gas canister was thrown near him.

The duo then started running with police chasing after them.

It was at this moment that a police officer fired at them, the bullet hit Rex on his thighs making him fall.

Meanwhile, CNN journalist Larry Madowo has taken to social media to offer help to unravel what happened to Rex Masai.

Rex was shot and killed during protests on Thursday, June 20.

Madowo shared that his DMs were open to anyone who had original videos or CCTV footage of the shooting incident.

The journalist said he was trying to track people who filmed the videos.

“My DMs are open. Nitumie original videos ama CCTV so we can investigate,”

“I have haven trying to track the people who filmed these videos. Not a version on social media – the original. My DMs are open. Please share.” Madowo said.