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Richard Ndungu: Engineer Turned Passion Fruits Farmer, His Inspiring Journey

Richard Ndungu, a trained engineer, embarked on a challenging farming journey that began with maize production on a large scale. However, faced with consecutive seasons of failed rains and disappointments, he temporarily lost faith in his farming venture. Undeterred by these setbacks, Richard’s passion for agriculture was reignited when he discovered the potential of passion fruit farming. 

This is the inspiring story of how Richard Ndungu transformed his farming career, leveraging his engineering background and unwavering passion to achieve remarkable success in the world of passion fruit farming as told by WoK. 

Engineer Turned Farmer: A Rocky Start Into Farming

Richard’s start as a maize farmer proved to be a challenging experience. This was back in 2010 when a generous neighbour allowed him to cultivate his land for maize farming.

However, his initial attempts were met with disappointment as droughts plagued his crops, leading him to abandon farming for over five years.

The devastating impact of drought led to failed maize crops, leaving him disheartened and questioning his agricultural aspirations.

Feeling discouraged, Richard’s determination remained strong. He temporarily abandoned his land for nearly seven years, believing that farming was not his true calling.

From Maize Farming to Passion Fruit Pursuits

It was during this hiatus that a friend introduced him to the world of passion fruit farming. Accompanied by his friend, Richard visited a passion fruit farm in Kamwangi, where his passion for this tasty fruit was reignited.

Inspired by what he saw, he sought connections to reliable seedling suppliers, determined to give farming another shot. Starting small, Richard decided to cultivate an acre of land, planting 1000 passion fruit seedlings.

He saw an opportunity on the venture that would not only align with his passion but also leverage his engineering background.

A Good Start, However Small

To Richard’s surprise, his passion fruit harvest proved to be exceptional. Unlike larger farms with lower yields and fewer harvesting cycles, Richard’s crops lasted throughout the year. This success was a testament to his careful cultivation practices and dedication to mastering the art and science of farming.

Recognizing the unique challenges and investment required, Richard was undeterred and decided to venture into passion fruit farming.

Navigating the Path to Success: Learning and Growth

Richard understood the importance of seeking guidance to ensure success in his new venture. He sought advice from experienced farmers and agronomists, immersing himself in the knowledge and intricacies of passion fruit farming. 

Armed with their insights and his engineering mindset, Richard embraced a strategic approach to farming, implementing best practices and adopting a meticulous approach to cultivation.

From Modest Yields to Remarkable Harvests

Initially, Richard faced challenges as he focused on vine growth rather than fruit production, aiming to establish a strong foundation for his passion fruit farm. With careful removal of new suckers and flowers, he directed the plant’s energy towards vine development.

Once the vines reached optimal maturity, Richard’s efforts bore fruit—literally. His weekly harvests skyrocketed from a meager 400 kilograms to an impressive 5.9 tons per month. The transformation of his farm was a testament to his perseverance and dedication.

Key Factors for Success: Water, Fertilizers, and Fruit Management

Richard recognized the significance of providing adequate water for his passion fruit vines to enhance fruit sweetness. He incorporated a precise blend of goat and cow manure as fertilizers, ensuring optimal nutrient levels in the soil. 

Employing a foliar spray called calmboro, enriched with Calcium, Magnesium, and Boron, Richard balanced the nutrient requirements of his plants and contributed to the sweetness of the fruits. He also prioritized proper sanitation during fruit harvesting to minimize disease transmission.

Continued Growth and Future Aspirations

With his passion fruit farm thriving, Richard has set his sights on expansion and exploring new market opportunities. Leveraging his engineering mindset, he has implemented streamlined systems to increase productivity and efficiency on his farm. 

Richard aims to continue planting more passion fruit vines, increase labor support, and explore value-added initiatives that will help him access foreign markets.

“Farming is an Art and A Science,” says Richard

Reflecting on his remarkable journey, Richard shares his belief that farming is a harmonious blend of art and science. His experiences have taught him the importance of understanding the intricacies of the crops he cultivates and applying scientific principles alongside his own intuition.

Richard transformed setbacks into opportunities and achieved remarkable success in the world of passion farming.

His story serves as an inspiration to many aspiring farmers, demonstrating that with dedication, continuous learning, and a genuine love for the land, it is possible to overcome challenges and carve a path to a fulfilling and prosperous farming career.

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