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Salary Of A Secondary School Senior Teacher In Kenya

A senior teacher position is coveted as it comes with more responsibilities and high chances of ascending to a deputy principal and eventually a principal. To be appointed to such a position, a teacher must exhibit managerial skills, experience and expertise in certain areas.

Roles of a senior teacher
1. Take responsibility for those areas identified on the annual staff review. In particular:

• Improving Standards in key areas identified in the school’s
• Enhancing learning and teaching of key skills across the curriculum.

2. To be a proactive and productive member staff, working co-operatively and altruistically to support the work, aims, and vision of the school.

3. Set and maintain exemplary standards of organisation, teaching, planning, time management, professionalism and effective learning.

4. Through effective management ensure the efficient running of all day to day aspects of your area responsibility including effective communication, regular monitoring and feed back, establishing and leading weekly planning meetings, maintaining high quality work environment, fully implementing the initiatives of the Head, Deputy, and enabling the effective use of teaching assistants and support staff.

5. Be responsible for raising standards through leading, implementing, monitoring and evaluating strategies, policies and initiatives throughout the school.

6. Lead by example in curriculum development, learning and teaching, classroom management, creating a quality learning environment and accessing continual professional development.

7. Be a strong advocate for change and champion school improvement.

8. Convey a positive “can do” attitude, motivate and inspire staff and present a positive ‘united front’ to secure successful outcomes of school initiatives

9. Evaluate the effectiveness of initiatives and strategies with in your area of responsibility and across the school, working in co-operation with the SLT to raise standards and improve performance.

10. Promote the ethos of the school setting high expectations of yourself in your classroom practice, the whole school, and the wider community and undertake any tasks related to fulfilling these expectations.

11. To undertake any other additional tasks as maybe reasonably required by the headteacher.

So how much does a senior teacher earn?

Like all teachers in the different job groups, salaries of senior teachers have gone up after the Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) between the Teacher Service Commission (TSC) and KNUT and Kuppet took affect late last year.

A senior teacher I who currently earns between kes35,910 and kes45,880 will now be paid between kes43,154 and kes53,943.