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Samson Njuguna: I Lost Ksh1.2 Million In Garlic Farming

Samson Njuguna is an entrepreneur owning a tours and travel company. The company offers international holidays and tours, private Safaris, all inclusive Safaris and Masai Mara Safaris. 

His success has also had its fair share of missteps. Here is his story as told by WoK,

Odd Jobs 

Njuguna used to do all kinds of jobs such as hawking food in offices and selling movies in streets. The businessman encourages persistence, solid discipline and a proper mindset  to change your destiny as it is never easy to build a business from scratch to self-sustenance without experiencing losses.

He points out the importance of carrying out research before spending money on a business idea and not to just copy and paste an idea.

The businessman formerly used banks and mobile money apps to save money which were unprofitable. He currently saves by reinvesting in his business as it adds value to his business and advances the growth of his wealth.

Career mistakes, losses and lessons

The entrepreneur lost Ksh1.2 million when he tried his hands in garlic and onion farming. 

Njuguna told the Daily Nation of his pitfall and lesson learnt in the business, 

“Investing without a proper plan and fallback strategy. In 2019, I lost close to Ksh1.2 million after I invested in a farming project without carrying out proper research”, he told the publication. 

“The dry spell that was experienced in the month of March last year saw me lose garlic onions I had planted in over 5 acres of land” he added.

If given another chance to correct his wrongs, he would not leave his business in the hands of people who did not support taking the idea from paper to the ground.He would create time to lay base and understand each and every detail of running a successful business.

He said there is nothing sweeter than money earned through your own sweat. Explore your ideas as nothing comes easy.One way to keep momentum is to consistently have greater goals.