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Samuel Ndungu: Form Four Leaver Who Defied Employment To Strike Gold In Watermelon Business

In a world where many young adults often find themselves lost or struggling to make ends meet after high school, Samuel Ndungu has embarked on an entrepreneurial venture that has not only changed his life but has also provided valuable insights for other young individuals seeking self-employment and financial independence.

After finishing high school, Samuel did not take the conventional path of seeking employment.

Instead, he decided to carve his own way in the business world.

He began by offering his services as a manual laborer, carrying goods for people and assisting local traders.

His primary goal was to earn the money he needed to secure his livelihood.

He had attended both Murang’a Primary School and Murang’a High School, which instilled in him the importance of education and hard work.

However, it was his innate entrepreneurial spirit that led him to explore new opportunities.

Over the course of six months, Samuel diligently saved money, amassing a total of 30,000 Kenyan Shillings.

This capital would become the foundation for his future endeavors. With his savings in hand, he decided to enter the fruit-selling business, with a focus on watermelons.

Samuel identified Marikiti market in Nairobi as the ideal location to kickstart his business.

The market was bustling with potential customers, making it an excellent choice for his entrepreneurial debut.

He purchased his initial batch of watermelons and began selling them in the market.

Although this business brings in quick income, he faced challenges such as the quick perishability of the watermelons.

They need to be handled carefully, and the costs of transportation and importing are high.

Additionally, there are customers who want to buy at lower prices, although they discuss this politely, understanding why he sells at the price he does.

When the watermelons are out of season, the costs rise even more, necessitating a price increase.

His customers come from Nairobi and the surrounding areas.

When asked how he identifies good watermelons, he says, “When you look at it, it’s very bright, and when you cut a piece, you’ll find it’s sweet when you taste it.”

Due to the growth of his business, he has employed two workers to assist him in selling.

This venture, which enabled him to be self-employed, has become an economic lifeline, providing him with daily bread and allowing him to sustain himself, progress, and fulfill various other life needs.

His advice is that if he had underestimated the small beginning of his work, he might not have come this far.

Therefore, he advises young people finishing school and college to be innovative in life, to have something in their pockets instead of waiting to be employed when they can use the knowledge they gained in school to be self-sufficient.

The key, Samuel Ndungu emphasizes, is hard work, and with it, they will achieve success in life.

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