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Silas Miama: My Father Never Cared About Me, Louis Otieno’s Son On Relationship With Father, Being Kicked Out At 17

Silas Miami is a Kenyan filmmaker, photographer and musician based in South Africa. The multi talented filmmaker burst into the limelight after his association with his father Louis Otieno was made public.

But their relationship has been anything but rosy. His father was a celebrated news anchor who was rated among the highest paid journalists in Kenya.

With his career at the zenith, Louis came tumbling down hard after he was accused of murder. As he struggled to clear his name, the journalist lost his ability to hear. 

Here is the story of Silas Miami and his troubled relationship with his biological father as told by WoK

Silas Miami Career

He pursued film in South Africa. He has been involved in the production of a number of films in the country like Disconnect, initially written by Tosh Gitonga and starring popular Kenyan actors, like Brenda Wairimu and Nick Mutuma.

He was also involved in the production of ‘Supa Modo’ that featured Stacie Waweru, who plays Jo- a terminally ill child with a fascination for superhero films.

The Kenyan production was selected in the Best Foreign Language Film category at the 91st Academy Awards. He has also been involved in writing the film ‘Lusala.’

Responding to a previous Skype interview, he expressed no interest in becoming an actor. However, he was once featured in the film Dead Wrong, a movie developed, shot and edited in a span of 48 hours. He played Mark Wambua, an unhappy man who vented his frustrations on his wife. 

As a photographer, he has showcased his talent through his moving photos. In Kenya, Story Moja: Hay Festival are some of the people who have used his pictures. 


Silas is a soulful musician whose deep and emotive lyrics provoke listeners in such a magnificent way. He has written lyrics centering on the themes of family and upbringing.

His song What We Lost was about his father. In a 2014 interview with LBK, he said with the song he finally allowed himself to be angry with his absentee father who had no good reason for being away. He said he needed to move on which couldn’t happen until he dealt with the past. 

“I still believe in moving on. I guess I really couldn’t do that. Not before I dealt with him even though he only really existed in my head,” he said. 

Silas Miama Troubled Relationship with parents

While he has forged a successful career path for himself, his background is rather depressing.

In multiple interviews, Silas has accused his father of being an absentee figure who had no time for him.

According to the filmmaker, they only met thrice when he was young as the celebrated journalist found ways to avoid the meeting. It was very hard to see him on TV every evening yet he barely acknowledged him as his son.

Silas stated that his mother kicked him out at the age of 17 for being gay and only reached out when his father was sick.

On his arrival at the hospital, his father declined to see him. Louis only agreed to speak to him after he was informed he had flown from South Africa for the visit. He would then say that his father’s interest in him following this visit was monetary and nothing more.

In 2021, he tweeted his mother was very ill yet she couldn’t reach out to him because of pride. He found out about the sickness through a third party. He added that his mother had been abusive towards him growing up and he would not be visiting her. 

Responding to NTV’s James Smart question about his father, he said he had no relationship with his father. The talented photographer said he knows nothing much about Louise and vice versa.

He said his father was trash and that the two met for the first time when he was 22. Added to this, he accused him of physically and emotionally abusing women. 

“I know he is genetically my father but I do not know this man. In fact, for years only a handful of people knew he was my father,” read part of his Tweet. 

Silas Miami Marriage

The talented artist is married to Patrick Miami. In a previous post, he said they are in a polymarous relationship since the thought of monogamy gives them both a headache. Both of them did not believe in marriage but as fate would have it they ended up married and Patrick took on his surname.

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