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Six Businesses Owned By Celebrities That Closed Down In 2022/23

Running a business is not a walk in the park especially in these turbulent economic times. The entrepreneurial spirit of Kenyans see even those who are employed engaging on side hustles. 

A section of big timers in the entertainment scene have also tried their hands in business. While some have succeeded, others have spectacularly failed. 

Here are the five celebrities whose business failed to take off or collapsed due to competition and other factors as compiled by WoK

Daniel ‘Churchill’ Ndambuki 

He is the father of stand-up comedy in Kenya. Churchill did not only bring laughter in our living rooms, but gave opportunity to young Kenyans who have gone on to become successful comedians. 

His entry into the world of business has however not been as successful. Ndambuki owned the once popular Pavillion XV in Kitengela that went under following stiff competition from such clubs as Rixxos. 

The club closed its doors to revellers in late 2022.

Alex Mwakideu 

He is one of the most talented radio personalities in Kenya. The Radio 47 host was all bubbly and beaming with expectations when he opened a carwash and restaurant in Kitengela. 

In an interview with Wode Maya, he laid bare his dreams of opening a string of businesses starting with his carwash business. Early in the year (read 2023), he announced that he was closing down his businesses known as Pampered Rides and Pampered Village

Crazy Kennar 

His rise to the top and maintaining that position is almost legendary. It seemed everything Crazy Kennar touched turned into gold until he tried his hands in business. 

Instant Delicacies was opened amid pomp and color. The business collapsed with Kennar explaining what led to its premature demise as you will see here . 

Vera Sidika 

She opened one of the biggest salons in Nairobi in 2020 before moving it to Mombasa. 

The business did not take off as expected leading to the 50 plus employees quitting.

David Moya

He is the most followed Tik Toker and one would assume his Moya City Spa would be brimming with business. This was not the case as the business performed dismally forcing the talented Moya to dispose of it. 


Kev’s Kitchen was a popular spot which was the brainchild of Chimano and his friend Phidi Mwatibo. The restaurant shut down due to the pandemic.

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